Pearce Center for Professional Communication

Pearce Scholars

Pearce Center Scholar Interns, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

Business and industry leaders place a premium on writing and communication skills. The state of South Carolina offers a generous supplement to the Life Scholarship for students majoring in math, science, or engineering. The Pearce Communication Scholars Program aims to match that supplement for students working in the fields of writing and communication.

Pearce Scholars work in the Class of 1941 Studio using cutting- edge communication technologies. These tools provide Pearce Communication Scholars with opportunities to learn, engage, and collaborate in an interactive, professional environment.

The variety of opportunities within the Pearce Communication Scholars Program also allows for students to pursue objectives most valuable to their educations and future careers. Whether through working as a Pearce Center Intern, a Writing Fellow, or a member of the Client Based Program, the Pearce Center Communication Scholars Program benefits an incredible number of students on Clemson’s campus.