Pearce Center for Professional Communication

Student Interns

Pearce Student Interns

The Pearce Center offers semester-long internships that intro- duce students to the world of professional communication. Partnering with Clemson’s Undergraduate Professional Internship and Co-op program, Pearce Center Interns work on a variety of long-term projects including writing, editing, marketing, event pro- motion, video production, and graphic design. Through these projects, interns gain valuable experience that translates directly to their future careers.

The Pearce Center Internship Program seeks to capitalize on the depth and breadth of talent at Clemson by establishing a team of students from multiple disciplines. By drawing on their respective talents, Pearce Center Interns are able to achieve collaboratively results that would not be possible working individually.

Meet our Interns

Jessica Heron

Marketing/Communication Studies

Jeff Kinnison

Computer Science/English WPS

Saahirah Goodwin

Graphic Communications

Raquel Cobb

Communication Studies

Marissa Kozma

English WPS

Alyssa Glazener

English WPS

Lillian Boatwright

Communication Studies

Christa Chappell

Communication Studies

Ashley Rodgers

English WPS/Marketing

Sarah Rains

English WPS

Amelia Marlowe

Communication Studies