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Our editions include both critical editions and facsimile editions of important historic texts. Click on a book title or picture for descriptions and purchasing information.

The Works of William Blake: Poetic, Symbolic, and Critical (1893), edited by Edwin Ellis and W. B. Yeats with an introduction by Wayne K. Chapman
wwb-300x450A facsimile edition in three volumes. Today, this classic of 1893 is still illuminating for the lifetime influence it had on one of its editors, W. B. Yeats, who became perhaps the twentieth century's greatest poet in English and, like Blake, a visionary one, at that.

Verses 1856–1884: A Critical Edition, by Elizabeth Dickinson West, edited by Wayne K. Chapman
west-verses-300x491This edition is the only one that gathers in one place all of West's original poems, including some manuscript versions of published and unpublished work.

Lyrical Ballads 1798: A Critical Edition, by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, edited by Wayne K. Chapman
ballads-300x404This edition engages with and acknowledges a number of precursor texts, the most evident being the four editions of Lyrical Ballads that mark the success of the once experimental verse that the poets ventured to publish, at first anonymously, in 1798, as well as the commemorative facsimiles published by David Nutt (London) and edited by prolific scholar, editor, and poet Edward Dowden (1843–1913).

Edward Dowden: A Critical Edition of the Complete Poetry, edited by Wayne K. Chapman
dowdenThis volume reintroduces Edward Dowden, a significant poet of the nineteenth century, to a modern audience which has forgotten, probably, that this distinguished Irish authority on Shakespeare, Goethe and Shelley thought of himself as a poet first.

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