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Technical Assistance

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Drawing on the expertise of Clemson University faculty and staff, the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center will provide technical assistance to the South Carolina Department of Education, local education agencies, individual educational interpreters and other stakeholders through a regional and individual basis as needed.

The South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center has funding to support the provision of national Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) assessments, professional development workshops and state-wide diagnostics and mentoring at no cost to either the educational interpreter or local school districts.

Districts, however, may need to support their educational interpreting staff as they attend professional development workshops to address their skill development. Such minimal support may include: lodging, travel, per diem and small registration fee (covering luncheon costs).

The low cost of such support to improve the quality of educational interpreting your district is able to provide will enhance the outcomes of your Deaf and Hard of Hearing student’s access to the school experience.