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Blue Workshop


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Workshop Details

1.0 CEUs offered for full attendance on Friday and Saturday. No partial CEU credit available.

Language Policy: ASL

Presenter: Wink Smith, Jr.

Workshop Title: Mouth Morphemes: Degrees of Inflection

Friday October 20, 2017 6:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday October 21, 2017 8:00am-4:00pm

Location:  225 S. Pleasantburg Drive Greenville SC 29607

A catered lunch will be provided on Saturday.

Cost to attend: $25.00


Workshop Description:

Mouth Morphemes: Degrees of Inflection

Informal language draws from a base of words that we default to with limited modifiers and range. Take the word “smart.” In English we have an arsenal of syno-nyms that could be used to modify the degree of magnitude. Examples would include intelligent, brilliant, and genius. English also employs adverbs of degree such as very and immensely, but those do not appear in ASL as often.

ASL has manual articulators which are produced with the hands and non-manual articulators that are produced with the face and body. Research has shown that these can be used together to enhance meaning. The manual sign for SMART produced in isolation is positive. However, if the signer also rolls their eyes, includes the mouth morpheme BRR, and raises their eyebrows the comment becomes a sarcas-tic remark.

This workshop also explores mouth morpheme modifiers such as: BRR, OOO, IS, and SAO. Studying this crucial aspect of ASL can help improve language use and receptive skill.

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Wink Smith, Jr.

Wink, NIC Master, enjoys researching and creating various workshops that focus on skill building through deliberate practice, which he wrote about in the RID Views, Winter 2012 issue. Presenting workshops the last five years at national conferences (NAD, RID, Silent Weekend) regional conferences (RID I, II, III, IV, V), state conferences, and local workshops across the nation has given Wink experiences to enhance applications for interpreters of all levels. Wink is widely noted for the comfortable atmosphere he creates and the passion he exudes. Currently Wink travels full time performing, presenting workshops, and managing Winkshop, Inc, through which he has developed a dozen training DVDs. A fun fact: in 2016 alone, Wink traveled professionally enough miles to circle the earth over three times.

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