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Student Organizations

Clemson Sales Competition Team

Each year, sales students from universities around the globe compete against each other at sales competitions held across the U.S. Because these competitions feature the best and brightest sales students, preparation for these competitions is challenging but very rewarding for students who hone their selling talent. These competitions also offer the added benefit of hosting industry leaders who actively recruit, interview and provide offers to students during the trip.

If you are interested in participating on Clemson's Sales Competition Team, you must be accepted into SIP and register for the Applied Selling course. Applied Selling is a course focused on developing students' advanced selling skills in preparation for multiple competitions throughout the year.

Clemson Professional Selling Club

The Clemson Professional Sales Club (CPSC) was founded in 2019 as a student-run organization dedicated to developing and equipping members interested in pursuing careers in professional sales. The CPSC also participates in industry engagements that are supported by the Sales Innovation Program (SIP) within the College of Business.

To educate, empower, and inspire the sales leaders of tomorrow.

1. Learn and apply skills that differentiate top professional sales executives
2. Cultivate meaningful relationships between CPSC members and industry professionals
3. Gain valuable experience in the sales field
4. Represent Clemson University with honesty, integrity, and respect within the sales industry

Club Information
The CPSC meets twice a month on Tuesday evenings. CPSC meetings are focused on improving students' selling ability through developmental workshops, faculty panels and industry speakers. These events are intended to attract students from across the university as well as provide awareness about course offerings and events occurring within the SIP. In order to apply for any SIP courses, you must be an active member of CPSC and reach a designated point threshold. However, you do not have to take SIP courses to be a CPSC member.

In order to maintain active status as a CPSC member, you are required to attend some mandatory events hosted by the club each semester. Becoming an active member is determined by your accumulation of participation points that are given for various events and activities during the year.

If you are interested in joining the club, please fill out this form: Membership Form.

Please follow our Instagram account @clemsonsalesclub for more updates about our upcoming events during the year.

If you have any questions, please reach out to