Social Media Listening Center

Listening Centers

Listening Centers

Clemson University houses two Listening Center locations that both take complete advantage of Radian6 software and command center visualizations. The two locations are Sirrine 146, which opened officially in February 2012 and is housed in the College of Business and Behavioral Science (CBBS), and Daniel 304, which opened officially in September 2013 and is housed in the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities.The displays in both locations provide information through images, graphs, charts and other visualizations to give users real-time updates on the conversation surrounding a specified profile.

While the locations are associated with CBBS and CAAH, the Social Media Listening Center is a University-wide resource.

Daniel 304

Register for a demo: Contact Joe Mazer at

Sirrine 146

Register for a demo: Visiting Hours: Monday, 1 - 4:30 p.m.