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Fresh Thinking for the Future of Fresh Food

  • Food Waste Growth since 1960
  • Annual U.S. Food Waste Cost
  • Annual U.S. Food Waste, Tons
  • Percentage of Global GHGs

What a Waste. What an Opportunity.

In the U.S. alone, food waste is estimated at 40% from farm to fork to landfill, with 31% of that loss at the retail and consumption levels. Only 60% of domestic food is actually eaten, with 52% of fruits and vegetables thrown out at an annual cost of $165 billion in food waste.

Food waste is a mounting global problem presenting challenges to society and the environment. It also presents opportunities to create and innovate sustainable solutions in packaging and other areas of the fresh food supply chain.

Sonoco FRESH is a multi-disciplinary hub for research and innovation to address these critical issues. Our mission is to have a major impact on the reduction of food waste, which means looking holistically at the fresh food lifecycle to identify opportunities that reimagine the processes, sciences, technologies and behaviors that better society.

Solving challenges of this scale requires the collective intellectual capital and purposeful collaboration of industry experts, brands and thought leaders across the entire food supply chain.

We need your help.

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