Joseph F. Sullivan Center

Vision, Mission and Values


The Joseph F. Sullivan Center, as one of the oldest continually operating Nurse Managed Health Centers in the country, has operated since 1978 to support Clemson University. The Joseph F. Sullivan Center provides the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences academic support through collaborative community health service research.  As a resource for the tri-fold mission of the land grant university, the primary community focus seeks to identify gaps, meet needs, provide unique expertise, and help prepare graduates that understand and engage/are determined to make a difference/and bring a determined spirit into their communities.  The JFSC provides a format for natural collaboration stimulated by the unique college structure, providing numerous instructional, research, and service opportunities. 

Vision: The Joseph F. Sullivan Center is an integrating force for creating multidisciplinary partnerships focused on innovative methods to enhance community well-being that promotes positive human development, skill building and creative leadership.

Mission:  The Joseph F. Sullivan Center will drive community health research initiatives providing innovative, real-life student learning.


  • Relationships define health.
  • Holistic balance is wellness.
  • Affordable care is a right of all.
  • Transdiciplinary teams promote positive skills.
  • A global and environmental perspective is critical to human development.