Joseph F. Sullivan Center

Sullivan Center Expands Employee Health and Wellness Services

Michelle Deem, Kathie Elmore, Wil Mayo

Sullivan Center Expands Health & Wellness Services: (from left) Michelle Deem, Kathie Elmore, Will Mayo.


Two new advanced practice nurses have recently joined the Joseph F. Sullivan Center (JFSC) to better serve the university and increase the number of available appointments.

Michelle Deem has been a volunteer and/or part time APN for the JFSC for over ten years, primarily in offsite clinics, and is fluent in Spanish.  Michelle is described by her peers as being extremely compassionate and bright with a very calming personality.  Michelle is a Family Nurse Practitioner and has experience with families and children.  Kathie Elmore worked at the JFSC as a graduate student for three years where she developed positive relationships with many clients asking for her specifically.  Kathie joined the staff upon graduation, concentrates on adult and geriatric problems and manages the hormone therapy clinic.  Her peers describe her as a very thorough and caring provider and someone who works well with others.  

In another expansion of services, Will Mayo, MPH, manager of the JFCS clinical education & wellness, is coordinating the development of CU Well, a website in progress that links all the available wellness programs for the university.  He directly manages CU for Health, the component offered by the JFSC which is highlighted by a comprehensive wellness assessment, basic lab work, and individual counseling by trained health students. The health risk appraisal utilized by the center, provides comprehensive data that assesses both the physical and mental components of health.  The results are explained in detail, and participants are assisted with referrals for health education, acute care, chronic care, and any other issues. 

"The College of Health, Education and Human Development should be the natural leader on campus for the important health and education issues that directly impact the economic and social development of the state," says Paula Watt, Ph.D., FNP, Director, Joseph F. Sullivan Center.  "These programs are important to make the Clemson experience unique for both the students and the employees on campus.  The Joseph F. Sullivan Center faculty and staff are determined to make a difference."   

Employee Health and Clinical Education are primary focus areas of the JFSC.  This year the Center provided educational opportunities for over 300 student experiences and over 5000 clinical hours.  With approximately 4000 clients encounters a year, faculty and staff are supported by faculty practice from the School of Nursing and School of Education for clinical operations.  The relationship between students and clients is symbiotic wherein clients receive extra attention from the eager students, and the students receive friendly feedback on how they are doing. Special programs also give an advantage to both the student and the client.  For example, twice a year, physical examinations are offered at a special rate.  These comprehensive physicals are provided by Registered Nurses in the Advanced Practice Nurse tract who have mastered the material, but need to gain the experience of repeated practice.  To better accommodate all student learning needs as well as meeting the needs of our clients, the two master’s prepared Advanced Practice Nurse providers recently recruited to the clinic, will allow easier access to appointments for our wellness and employee health programs. 
Clemson University’s Joseph F. Sullivan Center (JFSC), is one of the oldest continuously operating Nurse Managed Health Centers (NMHC) in the country providing enhanced educational opportunities, outreach and community service since 1978. The JFSC is the Clinical Learning Laboratory for the college of Health, Education, and Human Development, providing live patient interactions for skills building and offering unique learning experiences. Focused on vulnerable populations, the mission is to identify gaps, meet needs, and prepare future professionals that understand and engage to meet community needs.  Community partnerships help support a wide range of outreach services (acute care, chronic care, physicals, breast and cervical cancer screening etc.), including university service and wellness programming. On campus, offsite locations and mobile health unit activities are offered in four upstate counties. Faculty and students from nursing (School of Nursing), public health (Department of Public Health Science), and counselor education (School of Education) and other university programs work collaboratively to address real world problems. The JFSC provides a format for natural collaboration stimulated by the unique college structure, providing exceptional instructional, research, and service opportunities.

Clemson University has a long history dedicated to the welfare of its community.  Clemson’s determined spirit to impact quality of life was demonstrated years ago when university leaders envisioned wellness, occupational health, and medical surveillance activities for its employees.  Over the years these programs have grown from basic wellness and nursing services, to comprehensive assessment and health services. The JFSC services are supported by the College of Health, Education & Human Development through health services research and faculty practice.  The new staff members are well qualified with varied expertise, and will work in the center and the community.