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Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides the Health Risk Assessment (HRA)?

Wellsource, Inc., a company based out of Portland, Oregon provides the HRA, called the Personal Wellness Profile (PWP) as part of the CU Well Program at the Joseph F. Sullivan Center. If you do not have access to the HRA online, you may request a paper version instead. The Sullivan Center also has computers available for participants to use.

Why do I need to complete the PWP?

The goal of the PWP is to identify areas of risk that employees may want to consider changing. By completing the PWP, you will gain access to a variety of wellness program benefits such as health improvement programs, health incentives and medical benefits. If you do not complete the PWP, you will not have access to the benefits provided in the CU Well Program.

How long does the assessment take?

The assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. If a participant is interrupted during the HRA, they can return later and pick up where they left off.

What happens to my personal health information that I include in the HRA?

If you complete the paper HRA, the data will be processed by staff at the Sullivan Center to generate a Personal Report for you. If you complete the HRA online, it will be processed through a secure Internet site.  You will receive a unique username and set your own password so that only you and a processor can access your results. Regardless of how your HRA information is collected, your company’s management will not have access to your personally identifiable health data. YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH DATA IS PROTECTED UNDER STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS. NEITHER THE SULLIVAN CENTER NOR WELLSOURCE WILL SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH ANYONE WITHOUT YOUR WRITTEN CONSENT.

How will I know if I qualify for health coaching or other health interventions?

When you complete your HRA, you will find out your “health age” and receive a personalized report based on the information you provided. If you’re at risk for certain health conditions, like heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure, you may qualify to participate in a follow-up intervention. You may receive help from a health coach in making healthy lifestyle changes. You will be notified by a part of the wellness team at the Sullivan Center if you qualify for a follow-up program.

What is the Health Activity Tracker (HAT)?

The Health Activity Tracker™ makes it easy for you to stay on track with your health by:

  • recording health activities and aerobic miles
  • logging biometric data
  • tracking progress towards health goals
  • generating personal reports that summarize progress
  • And awarding points for completed health activities.

The Wellness Team will use the information generated from your personal HAT to design incentives based upon the amount of points generated in certain time periods. 


For questions about the CU Well program, or to find out how you can enroll, call our front office at 656-3076, or email the wellness team at