Joseph F. Sullivan Center

Skin Care Services

Chemical Peels are used for a variety of skin issues:

Glycolic Acid----------- -------------Hyperpigmentation
Lactic Acid------------- -----------------------Lightening
Salicylic Acid---------- --------Acne and Acne Scarring
Vitamin C Treatment- ------------------------Hydration
Dermaplanning-------- ----------------------Exfoliation

These are all superficial peels so a series of treatments are recommended:

Jessner's Peel------A deeper peel for aging and hyperpigmentation
TCA (Trichloracedic Acid)-A deeper peel for aging and hyperpigmentation
Removal of Unwanted Hair
Many of these treatments are considered cosmetic, so insurance will not cover the cost. If you have a diagnosis related to treatment, insurance may cover some of the cost. Treatment costs range from $50-200, depending on the series of treatments recommended. Call our front office at 864-656-3076 to schedule your appointment today!