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Typhoid Fever

Tyhoid Fever vaccine: prevents typhoid fever 

  • Typhoid vaccine is given as one shot, and then a booster every 2 years for those who remain at risk. Tyhpoid vaccine is recommended for those traveling to areas where they will be at risk for typhoid or if they will be in contact with someone who is a typhoid carrier.
  • What is typhoid fever? A serious disease caused by Salmonella Typhi bacteria that causes high fever, fatigue, weakness, stomach pain, loss of appetite and sometimes a rash. It can kill up to 30% of people who get it if left untreated. Typhoid fever generally comes from contaminated food or water, so travelers should be careful of what they ingest while traveling. People can also become typhoid carriers, so if you are exposed to a carrier you should also receive this vaccine. 
    • Typhoid strikes around 21 million people per year in the world.
    • Typhoid kills around 200,000 people per year in the world. 

Click here for the CDC Vaccine Information Statement about Typhoid Fever Vaccine