Clemson International Institute for Tourism Research & Development

Institute Activities

These include the following:

1. Conduct Various Forms of Research, Including Market Research

Conduct quantitative and qualitative forms of research that focus on both the national and international arenas with a special emphasis on the needs of South Carolina (examples may include economic and sociocultural impacts studies, tourist motivation and behavior, travel and aging, asset mapping and new market exploration); assist faculty in securing external funding and engage in collaborative research and joint publications

Some areas of research and expertise include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Survey development and administration (mail, phone, online)
  • Strategic planning and marketing strategies
  • Visitor surveys and perception studies
  • Sociocultural, environmental and economic impact studies (e.g., impacts of sports tourism on South Carolina)
  • Resident perception studies of tourists and tourism development
  • Identification/assessment of “change indicators”
  • Training and development
  • Tourist motivation/preferences/need satisfaction research(e.g., what tourists seek in a destination)
  • Trend forecasting and prediction studies; demand forecasting
  • New market exploration
  • In-depth case studies
  • Best practices indicator analysis
  • Trends in local, national and international tourism
  • Price measures and tourism demand modeling
  • Market Segmentation/market demographics and psychographics
  • Attracting tourists to a destination: research, asset mapping, positioning and marketing strategies
  • Marine and lake-based tourism and visitor motivation
  • Ecotourism research and training

2. Serve as a Resource Center and Knowledge Repository for the PRTM Department, Clemson Universtiy, the State of South Carolina, and the Nation

Examples include the maintenance of a website with important information, reference material, databases, and research findings

3. Provide technical assistance to rural and urban communities seeking to strengthen or initiate tourism, parks or recreation programs as an economic development strategy.

4. Serve as a Training Environment for Graduate Students

Enrichment experiences will build on existing courses and help enhance the research and applied training of Clemson tourism graduate students. These may include such topics as advanced multivariate procedures, designing questionnaires, data collection, entry and analysis, proposal writing and web-based approaches to research, among others. This offering is an add-on to existing programs in tourism in PRTM

5. Serve in an Advisory Capacity to Professionals, Legislative Bodies, State Organizations and Private Agencies in Tourism

The expertise of the faculty in PRTM, including interested faculty from other disciplines, coupled with the use of existing knowledge and databases may be employed to advise and recommend courses of action that may inform policy-making and other areas of decision-making in the State of South Carolina and the nation.

6. Facilitate and/or Coordinate Inter-disciplinary and Cross-Cultural Initiatives with Individuals, Agencies, Constituencies, Universities and Ministries of Tourism Around the World

Examples include faculty and student exchanges, study abroad programs in tourism, collaborative research, professional development activities, consulting services and the provision of technical expertise.

(see: Clemson Study Abroad Programs)