Clemson International Institute for Tourism Research & Development

Research Project

The Development and Implementation of a Strategic Tourism Marketing Plan for Fishing and Boating on the South Carolina’s Santee Cooper Lakes

Investigators: William C. Norman (Director, RTTI), Gerard Kyle (Texas A&M), Al Marsinko (Forestry & Natural Resources), Laura W. Jodice (Research Associate, RTTI)
Partner: Santee Cooper Counties Promotion Commission (Mary Shriner, Executive Director)
Cooperators: Miller White, Regional Biologist, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources – District V (Lakes Marion and Moultrie); Doug Allen, President, Santee Cooper Guide Association

Funding Source: Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation

Draft Final Report: SanteeCooper.pdf

Project Description:
Consistent with the Santee Cooper Commission’s mission, this project is designed to improve the region’s ability to attract repeat and new angling tourists and their families, specifically, non-resident anglers from out-of-state and resident anglers from outside the Santee Cooper region. In the long term, this project will contribute to strengthening the resilience of the Santee Cooper regional recreational fishing economy by improving the efficacy and efficiency of our marketing materials. This project will also demonstrate how the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Water Works Wonders campaign might be used effectively to attract a variety of anglers to a region. In addition to producing better advertising materials in the short term, research outcomes will provide information useful in training local fishing guides and other associated service providers through outreach efforts delivered by Clemson University’s RTTI.


  • Conduct research necessary to segment recreational anglers visiting the Santee Cooper area.
  • Provide information necessary for a specialized recreational fishing and boating fulfillment piece to be distributed by Santee Cooper Country.
  • Assist with development of a targeted promotional campaign which integrates the Water Works Wonders materials and is aimed at encouraging both repeat visitations among existing market segments in addition to attracting new visitors with similar characteristics.
  • Evaluate the success of segment based promotional materials through inquiry tracking linked to specific media.
  • Conduct an inquiry conversion study.
  • Develop recommendations for materials and curricula suitable for providing marketing training to guides and other recreational angling service providers.
  • Inform the recreational fishing industry and resource managers about results of research and tracking of recreational angling related tourism in the region through educational materials and workshops.