Clemson International Institute for Tourism Research & Development

Research Project

Shrimp and Tourism in South Carolina

Investigators: Dr. William C. Norman (Director, RTTI) and Laura W. Jodice (Research Associate, RTTI)
Graduate Student: Sajna Shenoy (PhD, PRTM)
Partners: South Carolina Shrimp Association, South Carolina Seafood Alliance, Southern Shrimp Alliance (SSA)
Funding Source:
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service

Project Description:
RTTI is working with an interdisciplinary team of Clemson researchers (lead by Clemson Public Service) cooperating with the South Carolina Shrimp industry to develop a marketing plan for shrimp harvested in South Carolina (see The RTTI portion of the project refers to section 2.4.b. in the South Carolina Shrimp Fishery Assistance proposal prepared by Clemson University—Research to support the development of a marketing plan for the S.C. shrimp industry to promote a stable market with fair prices. This marketing effort is part of a broader effort for the Southeast Region of the US. The work is funded by federal funds allocated by the US Congress through the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service. Research and results will be integrated with marketing recommendations developed through Clemson Spiro Center and those initiated by other shrimping states in the Southeast U.S. to facilitate differentiation of domestic shrimp from imports.

The purpose of the RTTI portion of the project is to assist the South Carolina Shrimp Industry through research that examines the potential of marketing locally harvested shrimp to coastal visitors in partnership with the state’s travel and tourism industry. It is our belief that a “community-based food systems enterprise” could be developed that focuses on increasing revenues of locally harvested shrimp through direct or indirect sales to tourists along South Carolina’s coast. In conducting this work, we view tourism as a diversification strategy that may enhance the quality of life of a community or industry by integrating tourism with other sustainable economic development activity. As a result, before a new marketing strategy aimed at promoting locally harvested wild shrimp to coastal visitors is undertaken, valid and reliable research is needed that assesses the potential of marketing, packaging and distributing shrimp to tourists.



1. Assess the viability of a “community-based food systems enterprise” for the South Carolina shrimp industry in partnership with the state and coastal travel and tourism industry. This will involve interviews with shrimp and tourism industries (including markets and restaurants) and development of case studies focusing on existing examples of linkages between tourism and the commercial shrimp industry.

2. Evaluate market potential of fresh and frozen, locally harvested South Carolina shrimp to coastal visitors. The work involves 1) Surveys of South Carolina coastal tourists during the 2004 summer tourist season. 2) Identification and description of tourist target markets (visitor segments and preferences) and related strategies for the South Carolina shrimp industry.

3. Perform feasibility analysis of alternative business opportunities. Results from the industry inventory (conducted by Mark Henry and David Barkley in the Clemson Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics) will be integrated with the case studies and tourist market survey to define viability of potential alternative business opportunities (e.g., direct marketing at dock). RTTI will then work with the Clemson research team and the shrimp industry to assess the feasibility of alternative strategies.


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