Watt Family Innovation Center Interns

Spring 2020

The Watt Family Innovation Center employees more than 70 student interns each semester. These students work in every department of the Watt Center, from information technology, to event support, to graphic design, and everything in between. Our interns come from all departments and major programs on campus and are part of the UPIC or work study programs.

Cameron Hodges Administrative Support
Cayde Hamilton Administrative Support
Jessica Bush Administrative Support
Kendal Pettway Administrative Support
Miles McBee Administrative Support
Tanner Johnson Administrative Support
Nick Hoyle Avtec Emergency Management Operations
Alex Haight CEVAC
Bennett Meares CEVAC
Drew Emery CEVAC
Harrison Hall CEVAC
Karr Hersh CEVAC
Lingxiao Li CEVAC
Solomon Brown CEVAC
Tyler Piel CEVAC
Zachary Klein CEVAC
Zachary Smith CEVAC
Kat Eaves Digital and Interactive Arts Lab (DIAL)
Austin Terault Digital and Interactive Arts Lab (DIAL)
Charles Shuler Events
Melody Moorehead Events
Aaron Mason Immersive Space
Aika Washington Immersive Space
Jacob Caldwell Immersive Space
Jacob Jeon Immersive Space
John Perez Immersive Space
Michael Pernell Immersive Space
Andy Hsu IT & Networking
Caroline Case IT & Networking
Evan Dao IT & Networking
Joseph Binz IT & Networking
Joshua Nguyen IT & Networking
Molly Pabst IT & Networking
Nikita Tran IT & Networking
Tristan Whaley IT & Networking
Bryce Tessmann Makerspace
Caroline Alford Makerspace
Colby Cofield Makerspace
Emily Streicher Makerspace
James Sloan Makerspace
Jarod Yeager Makerspace
Jennifer Huynh Makerspace
Jiawei Deng Makerspace
Katherine Kaczmarski Makerspace
Krissy Matthews Makerspace
Mackinzie Hills Makerspace
Matthew D'Alessandro Makerspace
Meg Nuttall Makerspace
Neala Kelly Makerspace
Nicolas Lynch Makerspace
Robert Moore Makerspace
Stephanie Linke Makerspace
Trey Richardson Makerspace
Urvi Patel Makerspace
Yan-Jing Ni Makerspace
Anna Walker Media & Graphics
Helen Purnell Media & Graphics
Liza Allen Media & Graphics
Lydia Vaigneur Media & Graphics
Andrew Sanborn Watson-in-the-Watt
Nicholas Deas Watson-in-the-Watt
Quinn Hubbarth Watson-in-the-Watt
Bernadine Daichendt Creative Inquiry
Ian Fairbanks Creative Inquiry
Katie Armstrong Creative Inquiry
Lauren Maghak Creative Inquiry
Viral Desai Creative Inquiry
Alex Richardson Creative Inquiry - Decipher Magazine
Allyssa Haygood-Taylor Creative Inquiry - Decipher Magazine
Ana Licon Lopez Creative Inquiry - Decipher Magazine
Caitlyn Van de Meuelebroecke Creative Inquiry - Decipher Magazine
Casey Pearce Creative Inquiry - Decipher Magazine
Colleen Blaine Creative Inquiry - Decipher Magazine
Marc McCrary Creative Inquiry - Decipher Magazine
Marilyn Hazlett Creative Inquiry - Decipher Magazine
Alex Cohen Office of Corporate Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives