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Watt Center in the News

Watt Center, Center of Excellence welcome first 'Sparking Creativity' faculty cohort

More than 60 faculty and staff members gathered in the Watt Family Innovation Center Aug. 17, to learn how to integrate digital storytelling techniques into their courses for fall 2017.

The goal of the “Sparking Creativity” workshop was to teach faculty members, through hands-on demonstrations, how to use Adobe Spark and other mobile applications to create presentations, infographics and video content for classroom assignments.

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Eclipse over Clemson has international draw, inspires awe

Fifty-thousand people on the Clemson University campus craned their necks skyward at 2:37 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, to gaze at a natural phenomenon that hasn’t happened in the United States for 100 years: a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse.

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Solar eclipse dazzles thousands in Anderson, Clemson

For a few surreal moments, the Upstate went dark Monday afternoon, setting off a wave of cheers and gasps from the thousands of residents and visitors from all over the world who had been anticipating the Great American Solar Eclipse for months, or even longer.

Right on schedule, the moon slid in front of the sun as it passed over Anderson County and Clemson at about 2:37 p.m. The stars came out, crickets started chirping, and people celebrated the awesome eeriness of a phenomenon that won’t happen again here for more than 60 years.

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Eclipse Over Clemson garners nationwide media attention

Clemson University is abuzz over the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse that will put the university in the center path of totality for 2 minutes and 37 seconds, making Clemson one of the best locations in the state for viewing the spectacle. Now, national media are getting in on the excitement, too.

A Charlotte-based television crew from NBC National News was recently on campus to gather footage for a live, nationwide broadcast that aired on Friday, July 21. In the broadcast, science and medicine correspondent Erika Edwards can be seen conducting interviews with Clemson University scientists from the department of physics and astronomy on topics ranging from eclipse science, to safety, to the university’s “Eclipse Over Clemson” mega-event. The live taping aired on both the morning and evening newscasts of NBC affiliates across the country.

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NBC News visits Clemson

'Eclipse Over Clemson' events planned for Aug. 21

A rare total eclipse of the sun will happen on Aug. 21, and one of the best places to see it is in Clemson, experts say.

Clemson University officials have been planning for the eclipse for nearly a year and will offer two different events for those who want to view it.

The first event is free and is located near the Watt Family Innovation Center on campus.

"This is where the scientists will be, and this is where refreshments, water, bathroom facilities will be for everybody, including our free eclipse glasses. We have 50,000 (glasses) that we're going to distribute on a first come, first serve basis on August 21," said Clemson's Dr. Amber Porter. "We'll also have a lot of interactive educational-type activities, mostly run by graduate students of the University."

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Clemson University will be a prime viewing spot to watch the total solar eclipse.

Clemson Visualization Welcomes Students for Summer Data Research Program

This summer, ten students from across the country have traveled to Clemson University to work alongside researchers and tackle “big data” visualization solutions through one of its National Science Foundation-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates programs.

The program, “REU Site: Undergraduate Research Experience in Collaborative Data Visualization Applications,” is led by Dr. Wole Oyekoya of Clemson Computing and Information Technology’s Cyberinfrastructure Technology Integration group and involves students exploring the significant role data visualization plays in the understanding of data across all disciplines.

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Clemson Receives Award for S.C. Cybersecurity Initiative

Clemson received the first-ever academic institution award from SC Cyber for its contribution to the state’s cybersecurity initiative that was kicked off by the governor in 2016. Clemson received this special recognition for hosting the well-attended SC Cyber Upstate Event in September 2016 at the Watt Center, conducting an inventory of SC course offerings around the state, presenting at the Palmetto Cyber Education Symposium at Claflin University in February 2017, and the continuing outstanding performance of students in the annual Palmetto Cyber Defense Competition events.

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Sports, Technology, and the New College Campus

The linchpin of stadium technology has just recently began making its way into campus buildings. Clemson University’s Watt Family Innovation Center is a pioneer in bringing large format video technology to the forefront of academia.

Philips donated a 5,016 sq. ft. Color Kinetics installation that covers two stories and the entire width of the building. When the Color Kinetic is turned on, Clemson is able to showcase the university brand in dramatic fashion. When the mesh is not in use, the large display is transparent so that it blends into the glass architecture of the building and even provides additional shading from bright sun. There is a direct relationship between the marketing, branding and ‘wow-factor’ from athletic facilities to this installation. The benefits from this type of technology are now able to be realized in academia.

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