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Thank you for visiting this site to learn more about the Writing Center and how it can support your teaching. Although many commonly asked questions are answered below, we hope to hear from you. Our efforts to collaborate with and support faculty include consultations for writing assignment design or evaluation methodologies, class visitations to provide an orientation to the Writing Center, and facilitation of workshops on writing related subjects. Should you wish to request these services, or have questions in general, please contact our director.

What will the Writing Center do for my students?
The Writing Center uses a student-centered approach to help students learn to think more critically about their writing and encourage them to write in clear, elegant, and compelling ways. Our goal is to build better, more confident writers, and support Clemson’s tradition of excellence in writing across the curriculum.

Can your approach teach students to fix grammatical or mechanical issues?
We often support students in the final stages of editing a work and also consult with them earlier in their writing processes. There is no time that is too early to meet with a tutor! Our approach helps students to not only “correct mistakes,” but became attenuated consumers of style. Tutors teach students to find their own errors by discussing revision strategies and teaching them applicable principles. But beyond finding “corrections,” tutors encourage students to make informed stylistic choices consistent with the genres and conventions of any writing situation.

In what subjects, and at what levels, will you work with students?
We work with any and every level of student (undergraduate, transfer, international, and graduate) in any course requiring expository writing (academic arguments, lab reports, recommendation reports, literary or artistic analysis, personal statements, cover letters, resumes/CVs, etc.). Our tutors are trained to work across the lines of the curriculum and respond to diverse student needs. All writers can benefit from Writing Center appointments.

What happens in an appointment?
Appointments begin with a student-led discussion of the assignment, the student’s progression, and whatever questions or concerns led the student to make the appointment. From that information, the tutor will negotiate an agenda with the student so that the appointment responds to the student’s needs. It is then the student, with guidance from the tutor, who addresses the issues agreed upon in the agenda. Before ending the appointment, tutors will review the core elements of the appointment and discuss the students’ plans for their post-appointment writing process.

Will you see the same student twice?
We enjoy working with students longitudinally and throughout their careers at Clemson University. With time and frequent visitation, students learn and grow more as writers. In short, yes, we enjoy working with students through multiple appointments.

How can I best encourage my students to attend Writing Center sessions?
There are a number of ways to encourage all of your students to visit the Writing Center. First, you can promote the Writing Center by including a short description in the syllabus or on writing assignment handouts. Also, you can contact our director to request a brief class visit to orient your students to our services. Finally, we are happy to offer assignment design consultations that include Writing Center visitations.


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