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Meet the Consultants

Undergraduate Consultants


Brendan is a junior from Charleston, SC, majoring in Health Science with a Business Administration minor. This is his second year working in the Writing Lab. He loves working at the Writing Lab, because he has a passion for helping students feel more confident in formulating and communicating their ideas. Outside of the Writing Lab, Brendan is a member of the Honors College and president of the Club Tennis team. He enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. 


Eliana is a sophomore Performing Arts major from Greenville, South Carolina. She is a first-year writing fellow with substantial experience in writing for the humanities, professional communication writing, and creative writing. Subjects she is familiar with include sociology, psychology, women's studies, contemporary literature, and dramatic literature. Her favorite classes she has taken thus far and will always be glad to discuss are Women in Global Perspective with Prof. Sarah Mae Cooper and Collective Behavior & Social Movements with Dr. Minyoung Moon. Her favorite nonfiction book is Know My Name by Chanel Miller and her favorite fiction book is The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger. Her pet peeves are academic elitism and people who don't use turn signals when merging on the highway. She is of the opinion that the world is always in need of more harmless shenanigans. 


Elise is a junior Spanish and International Health student from Charleston, SC. Her creative fiction has won several local and national awards. She loves working with newer writers and helping them grow in their ability to understand literature and critically evaluate what an author’s words can mean to them. Outside of the Writing Lab. Elise loves meeting new people, visiting public libraries, and eating Ben and Jerry’s Tonight Dough. One of her passions is Camp Kesem, a national nonprofit that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. You can probably find her reading a novel before it becomes the next YA smash hit. Fun facts: Elise studied abroad in South Africa last summer!


Evan is a senior Mathematical Sciences major with a minor in Computer Science. He was born and raised in Charleston, SC and has spent a lot of time in the South-Western United States. He has been a part of numerous research projects in mathematics, which has given him a lot of experience with scientific writing, publication, and presentations, and is always happy to talk about any area of math or science. He also loves to bake and cook and could talk about food for hours on end. Evan hopes to attend graduate school after graduation and become a professor of mathematics. This is his second year working in the Writing Lab and he is excited to continue helping people improve their writing.


Gracie is a sophomore Economics major from Columbia, SC. She enjoys working in the Writing Lab because she wants everyone to feel confident in their writing since it is such a powerful form of communication! She hopes that everyone feels welcome in the Writing Lab and leaves the Lab feeling calmer and having better knowledge of their writing process. Outside of the Writing Lab, she is a member of the Clemson Symphony Orchestra, Clemson Wesley, the Clemson Honors College, and the Dixon Global Policy Scholars Program, and she writes for HerCampus online magazine. Gracie loves reading the Harry Potter series over and over again, writing reviews and short stories, playing violin, traveling to new places, and listening to Broadway soundtracks.


Julia is a junior from Massachusetts and is in her second year as a Writing Fellow. At Clemson, she is studying Bioengineering with a minor in Business Administration. When she is not in class or at the Writing Lab, Julia loves to spend time outdoors hiking, playing golf, or going to the beach. You can also find her frequently playing intramural sports or doing F45 classes in Fike. She is excited to be back in the Lab, and looks forward to helping you improve your skills as a writer!


Kat is a junior microbiology major who works in the Writing Lab as a fellow. She is most experienced in writing lab reports and scientific writing, however, she is also quite comfortable giving advice on the structure and organization of essays. Kat is an out-of-state student. She left the wintry climate of Wisconsin to find some respite in the nice Southern weather. While she doesn’t miss her hometown’s weather, she does miss the fantastic restaurants and coffee shops at home. When she is not studying, Kat loves to draw people, cook spicy food, and play board games at Late Night Board Games Club.


Lauren is a sophomore at Clemson University, originally from Long Island, New York. She is double majoring in Biology, and Environmental and Natural Resources with a concentration in Conservation Biology. As someone coming from a science background, Lauren is interested in working to communicate important scientific ideas to the general public, such as information on climate change, so people have the knowledge to make informed choices. She also aims to help others learn how to do the same through working in the Writing Lab by working with students to learn how to effectively express their ideas through their writing. Lauren loves the beach (or the South Carolina lakes), traveling, and of course, Clemson football!


Liza is a sophomore at Clemson University majoring in Marketing and ignoring in Brand Communications. Although Liza is adept at most forms of writing, she's a great consultant for rhetorical analysis, creative writing, professional writing, argumentative essays, and theses. Fun facts: She loves Snoopy and the beach!


Margo is a senior Graphic Communications major from Fair Play, SC. She is ignoring in Creative Writing and has published over 15 poems in magazines and anthologies, including Teenage Wasteland Review, Tunnel Magazine, and The Chronicle. She currently holds a position as a copy-editor, editorial assistant, and occasional column writer for Autism Parenting Magazine, and has interned as a layout assistant for one summer there as well. In high school, she co-founded The Inkling, an art and literary magazine, and has a passion for art, fandom, the color yellow, and video games. Additionally, she self-identifies as a chronic cat-lover and adores examining how writing reaches beyond pen and paper to a multitude of platforms and media, such as comic books, podcasts, video, and more.


Ronnie is a junior from Greenville, South Carolina pursuing a degree in Economics with minors in Political Science and Sustainability. Ronnie’s main research interests lie at the intersection of food justice and policy, with a focus on sociological and economic theory. When on Zoom Calls, she will most certainly be drinking a mug of coffee at any hour of the day and will enthusiastically work with you on any piece of writing you put in front of her. With experience across multiple disciplines and a keen interest in reviewing application materials, she will be happy to work with you on any project you feel needs some outside direction. She has current obsessions with cult-classic movies, well-curated playlists (including our Writing Lab playlist on Spotify), and local farmers markets.


Russell is a senior political science major from Charleston, South Carolina! This is his second year as a writing fellow and he specializes in argumentation, analysis, and grammar mechanics but is happy to work with anybody on anything! He's had COVID and Zika virus so he's really just waiting on a third big disease to go for the hat trick. Russell is currently studying for the LSAT so he can go to law school and hopes to one day be a civil rights lawyer. In his spare time he enjoys swimming, sailing, and writing.


Sylvia is a senior double major in mathematics and philosophy. She was born in South Carolina but grew up between Indianapolis, Detroit and Shanghai, China. She has authored multiple mathematics papers and presented at conferences in both math and philosophy. Her experience within the Writing Lab includes serving as an embedded fellow for mechanical engineering labs and helping students develop rhetorical arguments from start to finish. She has extensive experience in scientific and social scientific writing as well as argument development. She is also fluent in Mandarin. This is her third year at the Writing Lab, and she looks forward to helping students grow in their writing.

Gradute Consultants


Cameron is a second-year Master's student in English, with an interest in Writing and Publications; he currently has a BA in English with a minor in Screenwriting, both from Clemson. He was born and raised in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He is most prolific in assisting with Creative and Analytical Writing, as well as MLA and basic structure. He is currently affiliated with the official Clemson Film Club as a screenwriter, specifically a screenwriting advisor and editor. The club have several awards from Campus Movie Fest for the short films Shattered Vow, Sins of the Father and Walk A Mile.


Meredith is a graduate assistant in the Master of English program and graduated from Coastal Carolina University in May of 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. Meredith completed their degree in only three years and worked at the Writing Lab at Coastal Carolina University for two years where they worked with all kinds of students and many different focus areas. Meredith's research interests are on queer theory and rhetoric as well as feminist theory and rhetoric. Meredith is a social justice activist and has great experience with leadership and organizing activist events as they were president of an activism based student organization at Coastal Carolina University for two years. Meredith takes activism very seriously and their writing mainly focuses on social issues.


Rebecca is currently a first-year English Master's student with a love for literature and creative writing. Coincidentally, she also earned her English BFA at Clemson University, where she also earned her minor in Screenwriting. Along with reading and writing, her interests include screenwriting, animation, film, television, and drawing! From literature analysis essays to creative screenplays, she enjoys all levels of writing and storytelling!