CES Advising Center

Who is My Academic Advisor?

First year general engineering students are alphabetically distributed among five advisors, while chemistry freshmen are served by one, designated, advisor. Students are encouraged to seek out their advisor any time they have questions or need assistance. Advisors meet with students in a one-on-one setting and tailor information to each student's individual situation. The advisors and their email addresses are listed below.
  • A - B  Karen Thompson, Academic Advisor & Transfer Coordinator
  • C - F  Rob Massey, Academic Advisor & Assessment Coordinator
  • G - L  Erica Harper, Academic Advisor & Developmental Programming Coordinator
  • M - R  Meg Newton, Academic Advisor & Orientation Coordinator
  • S - Z  Jessica Pelfrey, Academic Advisor & Director CES Advising Center

Currently enrolled students may make appointments by calling the main office at (864) 656-2541 or by using the Book Now! button.

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Appointments are encouraged to allow enough time to thoroughly discuss any concern and to get acquainted. However, students can also drop in on their way to or from class.

Advisors periodically participate in the introductory engineering and chemistry classes. Advisors work closely with the faculty in engineering and chemistry to help students develop skills crucial for success. Advisors also offer assistance with time management, study skills, learning styles and preparation for exams. Advisors maintain regular contact with students via an electronic Advising Bulletin to ensure that students are well informed about deadlines, curriculum changes, and departmental policies.

Academic advising is an ongoing educational process that connects the student to the University. Academic advising supports the University's mission of preparing the student for learning beyond the confines of the academy. Clemson University values quality academic advising, understanding that good advising is not limited to registration or course selection but also provides information and directs students to resources that enable sound career and personal choices. The CES Advising Center is a core component of this mission and vision.