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Taking Courses at Another Institution

Students who are trying to catch up or get ahead frequently attend summer school.  It can be helpful and less expensive to take courses in the summer close to home.  Clemson accepts courses from other accredited schools if the courses are evaluated as Clemson equivalents.  (REMINDER: When using Academic Forgiveness for a class that is required for the major, it cannot be taken at another institution.)

Students must follow certain procedures in order to ensure that all courses are taken at other schools are equivalent and applicable to their degree program.  Be sure to speak with your advisor before making this decision!  It is critical that students take these steps if considering summer school elsewhere:

  1. Pick a school that you want to attend for the summer and search for the institution on the Transfer Credit Equivalency List (TCEL). Look up the institution you plan to attend and see if the course you want to take is on the list.
    • If the course is not listed, speak with your advisor regarding other options.
  2. If the course is listed on the TCEL, see your advisor to complete the Work Elsewhere Form.  Advisors have copies in their offices, or you may print one to take with you.
    • You may fill out the personal information on your own, but please wait until you meet with an advisor to complete the course information section of the form.
  3. Once the form is complete and signed, you will keep one copy, one copy will be placed in your advising file, and the original will go to Enrolled Student Services (104 Sikes Hall).
  4. At this point, you are ready to enroll at the institution of your choice and sign up for classes.  The school may need to see a copy of the Work Elsewhere Form (some will refer to this as a "transient form").
  5. In order for credit to transfer back to Clemson, you will need to make a C or higher.  Be sure to request a transcript from the other school, to be sent to Clemson, as soon as you receive your final grade.  Credit will not be given for any course until the official transcript has been received and processed.  Transcripts should be sent to: Enrolled Student Services; 104 Sikes Hall Clemson, SC 29634-5125.