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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose my engineering major major?

You will hear about the 10 engineering degree programs during your ENGR 1020 class. You will also take a test that can be used to match your individual interests with your choice of engineering. Your academic advisor will help. You may also use the resources at the Center for Career and Professional Development to explore the various types of engineering.

What is General Engineering?

General Engineering is a first year program of foundation courses all students must complete to declare a degree granting engineering major. The courses are listed below. Second semester courses will vary by engineering major. Please familiarize yourself with your intended degree program by checking out the department's webpage.

First Semester 
ENGR 1020: Engineering Disciplines & Skills
CH 1010: General Chemistry
ENGL 1030: Accelerated Composition
MATH 1060 Calculus I (or MATH 1040 + 1070)
General Education Requirement

Second Semester
MATH 1080: Calculus II
PHYS 1220: Physics with Calculus I
Departmental Science Requirement
Dept. Freshman Engineering
(ENGR 1410, or CHE 1300)

What are General Education requirements?

General Education courses are designed to expand your engineering education. They fall into two categories: Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences. Depending on your choice of engineering major you will take between 4-6 courses by the time you graduate. For more specific information, please see the College website.

How do I end up on Academic Probation and can I return to Clemson if I am on probation in my second semester?

A student is placed on academic probation if his or her cumulative GPR falls below 2.0. More specific information is available here. Yes. You may return and bring up your cumulative GPR.

What is Academic Redemption?

Academic redemption is a “do over.” You can replace a D or F earned in a course by retaking the course. The second grade will replace the first (even if the second grade is lower). You may only redeem up to 10 credit hours. For more information, go here.

I am on LIFE or Palmetto Fellows scholarship. What do I need to do to keep it?

Students who enter Clemson with LIFE or Palmetto Fellows must earn 30 semester hours of credit and a minimum cumulative GPR of 3.0 in an academic year (August to August) to retain their scholarship. More information on these and other scholarships can be found on the Financial Aid webpage.

Should I attend summer school?

Summer school is a good idea if you are behind or if you are facing a heavy course load in an upcoming semester. It can also be used to meet scholarship requirements. You may attend summer school at Clemson. Depending on your personal circumstances you may decide that attending a school closer to home is a good idea.

Consult your academic advisor about your situation so that you can make the decision that is right for you. If you decide to attend summer school at home, there are certain forms that must be completed in order to ensure that a course is equivalent and transferable. Your advisor will help with those as well.