Adminitrative and Research Support (ARS)

HR Forms

EPMS Form 

Use this form for the planning stage and performance review for all classified, permanent employees.

Additional Job Duties Attachment for EPMS Form

Use this form for classified, permanent employees who have more job duties than will fit on the EPMS form.

CoES Hiring Commitment Form

Use this form for all new hires, rehires, promotions, transfers, startup or salary requests.  This form is required before taking any action to identify funds requested.

Granting of Tenure Form

Use this form when hiring a faculty member with tenure.

CoES Staff/Employee Confidentiality Agreement

All new employees are required to sign this confidentiality agreement.  A copy should be sent to the CoES HR Office once completed.

Intermittent/Visiting Scholar Questionnaire

A completed version of this form is required to hire an intermittent employee or a visiting scholar.  Scan the completed form to CoES HR.

Background Consent Form

All new employees are required to complete a background consent form.  Employment is contingent upon a favorable background check.


This form is required if an employee is out due to illness or to care for an immediate relative for 3 consecutive days or more.

Joint Appointment for Faculty Form

This form is used for faculty members who will have a joint appointment between their home department and another department on campus.