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Research Projects
CRM Modified Portland Cement Concrete

An experimental program was undertaken to study the effect of two different types of crumb rubber i.e. Ambient and Cryogenic, to evaluate the effect of the different surface texture due to the manufacturing techniques. Plastic state properties such as air content, workability and unit weight were tested. Hardened concrete tests included compressive strength, freeze and thaw (F-T) test and hardened air content determination. The following variables were tested for Phase I of the project. Under the second phase of the project properties such as sound absorption and vibration reduction will be analyzed.

  1. Crumb rubber processing method (cryogenic vs. ambient)
  2. Amount of crumb rubber (8, 16, and 24%)
  3. Size of Crumb Rubber (#8, #50, and #100)

Phase I Final Report

Presentation at the International Conference on the Durability of Concrete



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