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Research Projects
Computer Modeling of Crumb Rubber Modified Warm Mix Asphalt

The purpose of this research is to develop a finite element model to simulate tire-payment interaction for understanding the performance made payment of rubberized warm mix asphalt under realistic loading and boundary conditions. The researcher will spend a considerable amount of time learning the finite element software (ABAQUS) and the special features such as force transfer through contacts at contact interface and moving load on a surface needed to complete the project. He has successfully developed a 2-D model for tire-payment interaction and rolled the tire on the surface of the pavement (rolling the tire on the pavement surface is the major task in this project). The student will verify the contact and rolling procedures through a series of numerical tests. After completing this task, the researcher will conduct experiments using the Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT). The laboratory experimental results will be used to determine the constitutive model parameters of rubberized warm mix asphalt and other materials. The finite element model will be calibrated against laboratory rutting experimental results and full-scale data, if available. The calibrated model will be used for stress and deformation analysis of tire-payment system for mechanistic evaluation of pavement performance under various loading and boundary conditions. Finally, a full-scale 3-D model will be developed and validated. The validated model will be used for further investigation of structural performance of rubberized warm mix asphalt.



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