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Pour-in-Place Playground
Supplies and Equipment
Supplies Used for Pour-In-Place Playground Surfacing
Equipment Used

Pour-in-Place Playground
Base Layer Process
Before installing the rubber surface, a concrete base is placed over the area.
Rubber (shredded scrap tires) is added to a mixer.
Rubber used in base layer.
Polyurethane Binder is added to the rubber at 13% by weight for the base layer.
Rubber and binder are mixed.
Rubber mix is poured in small amounts...
and spread with rakes to its thickest point (~3") under the equipment to help cushion falls.
Rubber mix is then hand-smoothed with trowels.
Rubber is first poured in the center working out toward the edges.
After the center of the base layer is complete...
the remaing rows of the base layer are added working from the center to the edges of the playground area.
At 6' from the edge, the thickness of the rubber mix is tapered to ~ 1/2" at edge to prevent tripping upon entering the playground, allow wheelchair accessibility, and help with drainage.
Closer look at the edge thickness showing concrete slab and base layer of rubber surface.
Completed Base Layer.
Ashley Dearing Park
The City of Clemson
Having fun!

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