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Ambient Tire Processing System

Whole tires are fed through shredders
Shreds are processed through a grinding mill
Steel is removed by magnets through out system
Product is sorted to size by screening process
Fabric is removed by shaker tables and vacuums
Product is reduced further by grinding mills
Scrap tires are collected
and fed into a primary shredder,

then fed into a secondary shredder.
Steel and non-reclaimed rubber particles are removed.

Crumb rubber particles are bagged by particle size and stored in 1-ton Supersacks.
Crumb rubber particles from an ambient-grind process have a rough, irregular shape with lots of surface area.

Crumb Rubber Particles from Ambient Grind Process are used in playground surfaces, molded and extruded goods, sports surfaces, roadways, soil amendments, tire products, and much more.


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