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Research Projects
Chemical Analysis of the Interaction of CRM and Asphalt Binder

This project will involve physical and chemical analysis of asphalt binders, physical and chemical analysis of crumb rubber modifier (CRM), and correlations between this information and the rheological properties of rubber-modified asphalt binders (RMAB). The following tests would be performed:

  1. State Highway Research Program (SHRP) method analysis of asphalt binder
  2. Moisture content of CRM
  3. Ash content of CRM
  4. Carbon black content of CRM
  5. Sulfur content of CRM
  6. Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectroscopy
  7. Infrared Spectroscopy
  8. Differential Scanning Calorimetry
  9. X-Ray Differential Spectroscopy
  10. And more…

Surface Modified Ground Rubber Tire by Grafting Acrylic Acid for Paving Applications

HP-GPC Approach to Evaluating Laboratory Prepared Long-Term Aged Rubberized Asphalt Binders

HP-GPC Characterization of Aging of Recycled CRM Binders Containing Rejuvenating Agents

HP-GPC Characterization of Recycled Aged Rubber Modified Binders

Influence of Aging on HP-GPC Profiles of Recycled Aged Rubber Modified Binders

Rutting Index Prediction of Rubber-Modified Binder Using HP-GPC

Laboratory Investigation of Dimensional Changes of Crumb Rubber with the Asphalt Binder

Effect of Reaction Time on Physical and Chemical Properties of Rubber-Modified Binders

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