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Cyrogenic Tire Processing System

Whole tire size is reduced by various means
Tires are then fed into cryo chamber and frozen with
    liquid nitrogen to -184º C (-300º F)
Hammer mill reduces crumb to particles of various sizes
Steel is removed magnetically throughout process
Particles are sorted and screened to specified size
Fine grinding reduces further particle size if needed
Scrap tires are collected and reduced by various means.
Then fed into cryo chamber
Frozen with liquid nitrogen to -184º C
(-300º F)

Steel and non-reclaimed rubber particles are removed.
Particles are separated into various sizes.

Crumb rubber particles are bagged by particle size and stored in 1-ton Supersacks.
Crumb rubber particles from a cryogenic-grind process have an angular or prismic shape, smooth surfaces and low surface area.

Crumb Rubber Particles from Cryogenic Grind Processes are used in playground surfaces, soil amendments, select sports surfacing, fill material, products where binding agents are not a major factor.


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