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The Asphalt Rubber Technology Service is a partnership between South Carolina's Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), and Clemson University. It was created for the purpose of promoting, designing, and testing the use of recycled scrap tires in rubberized asphalt and in other civil infrastructure applications.

ARTS has provided grant funding to South Carolina cities and counties for several test projects, performs research to discover new uses and improve upon existing uses of scrap tires, and conducts training classes and seminars on the use, design, testing, and construction of rubberized asphalt and other applications.

Currently, there are no grant funds available.

Recycled Material Usage in Infrastructure Appliacations Workshop

Please check the News Section for presentations from the workshop on Recycled Material Usage in Infrastructure Applications in Columbia, SC on May 23rd 2012. This workshop was targeted at a broad audience and the focus is recycled materials in civil engineering applications.

ARTS MISSION STATEMENT: To promote the practical utilization of scrap tires in hot mix asphalt as well as other civil engineering applications through research, training, education, and technology transfer.


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