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Mix Design

The rubber-modified liquid asphalt contains 10% minus 40-mesh rubber.
The rubber-modified liquid is reacted for 15 minutes at 350° F.

SCDOT Superpave Mix Design Procedures are Used

Aggregate pans are batched in correct proportions along with hydrated lime
and heated to 50° F above compaction temperatures.
Rubber-modified liquid asphalt is heated to mixing temperature and added to aggregate batches in correct proportions for four different asphalt contents. (ex. 5.0%, 5.5%, 6.0%, 6.5%)

Rubber-modified liquid asphalt and aggregate batches are mixed with mechanical mixer to form a homogeneous mixture.
Loose mix batches are "cured" in the oven at compaction temperature for 2 hours.

Loose mix batches are dumped into molds using a funnel and temperature is checked.
Samples are compacted using Superpave gyratory compactor.

Volumetric properties of compacted sample "pills" are measured (ex.: air voids, VMA, and VFA) and optimum apshalt content is chosen.
Final mix design specifies optimum proportions of "ingredients" (lime, modified asphalt cement, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate) to be used to make rubber-modified HMA at the contractor's plant.

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