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Workshop on Recycled Materials in Infrastructure Applications
in Columbia, SC
May 23rd 2012

Clemson's Asphalt Rubber Technology Service held its first annual Green Roadways workshop, which was the first of its kind in South Carolina. Green Roadways features the application of recycled materials in infrastructure projects and was held on May 23rd, 2012 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

During the event applications for a grant for $10,000 worth of playground surfacing materials wore collected. The winner will be announced by June 29th.

Speakers at the Green Roadways workshop included experts such as:

  • Andy Acho - Former worldwide director of Environmental Outreach and Strategy at Ford Motor Company
  • Sabrina Bradshaw - Representative from the Recycled Materials Resource Center which is sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration
  • Doug Carlson - Vice President in Charge of Asphalt Products at Liberty Tire Recycling
  • Phil Gaines - Director of the SC State Park Service
  • And Many More

Green Roadways featured three tracks with real-life practical applications of recycled materials. Sessions were designed to give you a range of perspectives from the owner/designer of the project, the contractor, and the recycled material processors/suppliers.

  • Public Works
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Green Buildings

Additional featured presenters represented groups such as ARTS, Department of Health and Environmental Controls (DHEC),and the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) as well as representatives from Asphalt Paving Contractors, Private Sector Businesses, Facility Managers (higher education and school districts), Non-Profit Agencies, Local Government Public Works, and Other Commercial and Private Builders.

The Green Roadways workshop is and will continue to be designed for paving contractors, local government public works representatives, council of government representatives, college and university facility managers and other facility managers, transportation agencies, recycled materials processors, commercial and private builders, non-profit agencies, and other attendees who are interested in sustainable material management and uses.

Waste Tire Processor Meeting
in Columbia, SC
May 4th 2011

On Wednesday, May 4, 2011, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), South Carolina Department of Commerce, the South Carolina Department of Revenue (DOR), and Clemson's Asphalt Rubber Technology Service (ARTS) held a meeting with Waste Tire Processors in Columbia, SC to discuss scrap tire market issues, reporting, compliance and to update the processors on scrap tire and crumb rubber research. See meeting Agenda.

Director of the Advanced Transportation Research and Engineering Laboratory (ATREL) visits ARTS

On Friday April 8th 2011, we had the honor of hosting Dr. Imad Al-Qadi at the Civil Engineering Department. Dr. Al-Qadi is Foundation Professor of Civil Engineering and the Director of the Advanced Transportation Research and Engineering Laboratory at at the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champagne. Dr. Al-Qadi spent the afternoon at ARTS meeting with students and researchers. While at ARTS Dr. Al-Qadi participated in round table discussion on the latest asphalt related research. While at Clemson Dr. Al-Qadi gave a presentation to civil engineering students, faculty, and staff regarding the Development and Implementation of Ground Penetrating Radar. An over view of the presentation can be viewed here.

10th Annual MARC Earth Day Event

The 10th Annual Michelin America Research Company Earth Day Event was held April 4th 2011 at the Michelin Conference Center in Greenville, SC. The event offers a variety of displays of recycled and Earth friendly products from vendors and promoters. During this event, David Wingard and Cindy McMahan of ARTS displayed multiple technologies for the recycling of scrap tires. This is a yearly event that ARTS participates in on a regular basis. There was a large attendance for this event; attendance for this event has been growing each year.

ARTS Staff Assist with the Fourth Annual Scrap to Profit Symposium held in Little Rock, AR
November 3 & 4, 2010

     Topics included:
  • Changes to Tire Construction
  • CASE STUDY: Use of State Grants to Develop New Products
  • Green House Gas Generation from Tire Processing
  • State Market Development Programs
  • The New ASTM Specifications for Playgrounds and Mulch
  • Ground Rubber Markets and Supply
  • New Horizons from Ultra Fine Ground Rubber
  • Selling Recycled Products
  • CASE STUDY: Selling Ground Rubber Into a New Market
  • Improving the Quality of Ground Rubber

News Release 12-10-09: Limited EPA Study Finds Low Level of Concern in Samples of Recycled Tires from Ballfield and Playground Surfaces

Click here to download the pdf version of the news release.

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