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Research Projects
Septic Tank Tire Chip Study

The possibility of using scrap tire as sorbents has been investigated for the removal of both organic and inorganic compounds, and promising results have been obtained. Large-scale tank tests have indicated that the leachate collected from a tank with a rubber chip drainage layer contained much lower volatile organic compounds than that from a system without rubber chip drainage layer. One current use of tire chips as a drainage layer is in the drain fields of septic tanks. However in case of system failure or for seepage control, the hydraulic conductivity of the uniform or graded tire chips layer is not known. In addition, tire chips specified for use in septic tank drain fields are currently limited to sizes between 0.5 inches and 4 inches. This study will investigate both the hydraulic conductivity of and the leaching of all organic and selected inorganic constituents from several different sizes of tire chips used in drainage layers.

1. Several different tire chip sizes will be tested:
   a. 6-inch
   b. 4-inch
   c. 2-inch
   d. 0.5-inch

2. Leachate from the tire chip drainage layers will be measured under the following test conditions:
   a. In distilled and deionized water at pH 2, 6, 8 and 12,
   b. In a typical rain water
   c. In a typical hard and soft groundwater
   d. In TCLP test conditions

3. The hydraulic conductivity of the tire chip drainage layers will be measured.

Final Report Part I

Final Report Part II


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