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Scrap Tire Facts

Scrap Tire Origination

280 million scrap tires are produced
annually in the US

Of these:

235 million are passenger car tires
42 million are truck tires
3 million are aircraft & equipment tires

Number of States with Scrap Tire Regulations

Most states do not allow whole tires in landfills for the
following reasons:

Tires that are buried tend to work or "float" their way up
to the top of the landfill and become exposed again.

Exposed whole tires are excellent breeding grounds for
insects, especially mosquitoes

Exposed tires are fire hazards

A typical passenger tire weighs 20 lbs (9.1 kg).
At 229 million scrap tires generated per year,
that equals 4,586,400,000 lbs or 2,293,000 tons

Number of Tires Going
to a Market
What's in a Tire?

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