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Following are news items involving members of the Astronomy Group.

(03/23/2007) PhD graduate Cal Jordan works on cutting-edge computational astrophysics.

Cal Jordan, PhD graduate from the Clemson Physics and Astronomy program helps create first-ever 3D simulation of an exploding white dwarf that naturally reached detonation conditions. More>>

(03/12/2007) Graduate student Matt Troutman awarded the Michelson Fellowship.

In February 2007, Matt Troutman was awarded the prestigous Michelson Fellowship which will fund his research on the gas distribution in planet-forming disks around stars. More>>

(08/09/2006) Clemson Announces Agreement with National Optical Astronomy Observatory for World-Class Telescope Access

Clemson University has reached an agreement with the National Science Foundation-funded National Optical Astronomy Observatory providing guaranteed access to 10% of the observing time per year on the Kitt Peak National Observatory. More>>

(03/15/2006) The Clemson Astro Group welcomes new Assistant Professor Sean Brittain.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is pleased to welcome its newest faculty member in astrophysics, Dr. Sean Brittain. Sean arrived at Clemson in March 2006 from the National Science Foundation’s National Optical Astronomy Observatory in Tucson, Arizona, where he held a prestigious Michelson Fellowship. More>>

(02/20/2006) Clemson Graduate Student S. Schuler Awarded 2006 NOAO Leo Goldberg Postdoctoral Fellowship

Clemson graduate student Simon Schuler has accepted the prestigious NOAO Leo Goldberg Fellowship and will take up residence at NOAO-South in La Serena, Chile starting in the fall of 2006. More>>

(02/07/2006) Clemson Astronomers Record the Most Distant Object Ever Detected by the SARA Telescope.

Clemson graduate students Autumn Homewood and Kiran Garimella and Clemson astronomer Dieter Hartmann, along with collaborators Ron Kaitchuck (BSU) and J.S. Shaw (UGA), observed the gamma-ray burst known as GRB 060206 using the 0.9-m SARA telescope located at the Kitt Peak National Observatory. At a redshift of z = 4.045, GRB 060206 is the most distant object ever detected by SARA.

(09/04/2005) Clemson Astronomy& Astrophysics Group Hosts Astronomy with Radioactivities V Conference and Celebrates the 70th Birthday of Professor Donald Clayton.

The Clemson Astronomy & Astrophysics Group will host the fifth meeting on Astronomy with Radioactivities, 5-9 September. The meeting is returning to Clemson for the first time since 1996, when the inaugural meeting was held. More>>

(08/10/2005) Clemson Astronomers Find Close Cousin of the Sun

Clemson astronomer Jeremy King, along with graduate student Simon Schuler and collaborator from the University of Hawai'i Ann Boesgaard, has found a star that is very similar to our Sun. In fact, it may be the "closest ever solar twin." More>>

(07/12/2005) Clemson Astronomy Grad Student Spends a night with Keck

Clemson University graduate student Abigail Daane was awarded one night on the 10-m Keck I telescope, one of two of the largest optical telescopes in the world, to observe Blue Stragglers in the globular cluster M71. More>>

(02/28/2004) Clemson Astronomer Elected to APS Fellowship

Clemson University astrophysicist Brad Meyer has been honored by his peers with election to the prestigious status of Fellow in The American Physical Society. More >>

National Science Foundation CAREER Award to Clemson Astronomer

The NSF's award and research grant for promising new university faculty will support Physics and Astronomy professor Jeremy King. More >>

Curry Graduate Fellowship Established

The Charles F. Curry Foundation sponsors fellowships for outstanding incoming graduate students involved in astrophysics research in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Clemson University.

Clemson Astronomer Publishes New Book

Clemson University astrophysicist Don Clayton has recently published his third technical book. More>>




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