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All faculty and student offices are located in the Kinard Laboratory of Physics. If you are looking for someone not in the Astrophysics group listing below you can check out the online University Phone Book or contact the Department of Physics and Astronomy at (864) 656-3416.

Clemson Astrophysics Alumni

Sean D. Brittain 656-4350

Donald D. Clayton 656-5299

Phillip J. Flower 656-5302

Dieter H. Hartmann 656-5298

Jeremy R. King 656-4275

Mark D. Leising 656-3419

Bradley S. Meyer 656-5320

Bruce Rafert 656-4172


  Postdocs & Research Associates
Jason Brown 656-6415

Lih-Sin The 656-1644


  Graduate Students
Patrick Baugh N/A  
Eric Bubar 656-5322
Ginger Bryngelson 656-5322
Brian Donehew 656-0679
Hala Eid 656-0679
Bethany Johns 656-0406
Joe Johnson 656-0679
Joe Liskowksy 656-3416
Bart Snyder 656-3416
Mark Theiling 656-0679
Matt Troutman 656-0987
Adria Updike 656-0406
Changyuan Wang
Tainhong Yu


Undergraduate Students



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