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The Astrophysics group at Clemson University is involved in a variety of research areas. Below is a list of the current research work being carried out at Clemson.

Nuclear Astrophysics

    Massive Star Nucleosynthesis
    Galactic Chemical Evolution
    Nuclear Reaction Rate Survey
    Ti44 Nucleosynthesis Movies by Brad Meyer


    SNe Light Curves
    X-Ray and Gamma-Ray's from SNe

Gamma-Ray Astronomy

    Gamma Line of Radioactive Nuclei from Astrophysical Sources.
    Gamma-Ray Background Radiation
    Spectroscopy and CGRO/OSSE
    Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Optical Counterparts to Gamma-Ray Bursts

Stellar Evolution

    Star Clusters

Stellar Atmospheres

    High-Resolution Spectroscopy
    Stellar Abundances
    Galactic Chemical Evolution
    Stellar Activity

Meteorites and Stardust

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