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[edit] Clemson Engineering Design Expo (CEDE 2011 - Winter)

CEDE 2011 is intended to showcase the work of mechanical engineering students based on their work in the senior design courses of Mechanical Engineering. This year's event centers on projects from the ME 401 class in which student teams designed, built, and are delivering functional wind tunnels as educational platforms for the fourth grade classrooms at Greenville's East-North Street Academy and the fifth grade classrooms at Six Mile Elementary.

This course is a precursor for the senior design capstone courses (ME 402) in which students solve problems from industry. This course sequence serves as both capstones to our undergraduate students’ educational careers and cornerstones to our future alumni’s professional careers. Thus, it is central to our students bridging the gap between the theory addressed in their courses and the application that they will face in industry.

Summary Video from Spring 2011 Event

[edit] Expo Details

  • Where:
    • Clemson University, Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building (Mechanical Engineering Department)
    • [Directions]
  • When:
    • December 9, 2011 (Friday)
    • 12:00 am – 1:30 pm
  • Who:
    • Educators who are interested in possible collaboration with Clemson University in developing Science and Engineering classroom equipment. NOTE: this is a closed event as the elementary students will be on a field trip to Clemson University. If you are interested in attending, please contact Dr. Joshua D. Summers [1] by April 26th.

[edit] Invitation

Educators and administrators who would like to know more about how they can collaborate with the engineering and science departments at Clemson University are invited to the demonstrations of the wind tunnels (12:00 am - 1:30 pm on Friday, December 9th). This experience is intended to provide students, industry, academia, and the public to interact in a dynamic setting. We ask for your willingness to share your opinions, your thoughts, your ideas, and your enthusiasm with the students. As this includes an elementary school field trip, this is a closed event. If you are interested in attending, please contact Dr. Joshua D. Summers [2] by April 26th.

The formal letter is linked here.

A letter of invitation to participate in the senior design program is linked here.

[edit] Schedule

The tentative schedule is below.

[edit] Expo Contact

For more information on these courses, you are invited to contact the coordinators:

  • Joshua D. Summers, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and College of Engineering and Science IDEaS Professor
    • 250 Fluor Daniel Building
    • 864.656.3295 (office)
    • [e-mail]
  • Shraddha Joshi, Senior Design Coordinator for Mechanical Engineering
    • 134 Fluor Daniel Building
    • 864.656.7189 (lab)
    • [e-mail]

[edit] Description of Senior Design at Clemson University

Industry Presentation

Spring 2010 Manual

[edit] Project Videos from Spring 2011

Wind Tunnel_Group 2

Wind Tunnel_Group 3

Wind Tunnel_Group 5

Wind Tunnel_1_Group 6

Wind Tunnel_2_Group 6

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