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"Authorship credit should the individual's contribution to the study. An author is considered anyone involved with initial research design, data collection and analysis, manuscript drafting, and final approval. However, the following do not necessarily qualify for authorship: providing funding or resources, mentorship, or contributing research but not helping with the publication itself. The primary author assumes responsibility for the publication, making sure that the data is accurate, that all deserving authors have been credited, that all authors have given their approval to the final draft, and handles responses to inquiries after the manuscript is published." Taken directly from [1]

It is critical that all co-authors, labmates, and researchers within CEDAR understand the role and expectations of authorship clearly. We want to always error on the side of inclusivity rather than exclusivity, but we want to ensure that the highest ethical standards are maintained.

[edit] Visitor Tiger1 Card

To obtain a Tiger One card for unpaid international visitors, please go the website of the Office of International Affairs. Note that you will need to complete an International Visitor/Guest Registry Form (see below for link) and submit it along with a copy of the visitor’s invitation letter to Peter Li in the International Office.

The website is www.clemson.edu/ia/

  • Then click on left hand side of the page : International Services: Students & Scholars
  • Then click on left hand side of the page: Info for Administrators link

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Team DFX - Indoor Soccer (2008) Team DFX - 3v3 Basketball (2008) Team DFX - Outdoor Soccer (2008) Team DFX - Bowling (2008)

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