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The design group at Clemson University
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[edit] Research in our Lab

Our research interests in the group include:

  • Collaborative Design
  • Knowledge Management for Engineering
  • Distributed Decision Making
  • 3D Knowledge Archival and Retrieval
  • Automation of Design for Manufacturing
  • Design of Cellular Meso-structures (Energy efficient design of cellualr solids)
  • Meta-material Design

The goal of the CEDAR Group is to investigate research areas of design practice, method automation, and computational thinking in design in order to develop enablers or tools for designers that will aid in the product realization process. These tools may include new computer automation tools or they may include new methods and procedures for design. Topics of interest also include topics of creativity, idea generation, complexity theory, agent-based design, and emergence in design. The selected topics above are samples of the current research projects undertaken in the laboratory.

Available Research Projects:

These projects are designed for completion in one to two semesters. The projects are intended for undergraduate research (ME 415, ME 493), summer research (REU program in Mechanical Engineering), or international exchange programs. Some of the projects may be acceptable as Master's projects (non-thesis). These projects provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about research in design automation. If you are interested in any of the projects, please contact Professor Summers directly (joshua.summers@ces.clemson.edu). For a complete list of projects visit the undergraduate projects webpage.

[edit] CAD and Design Automation

  • Implementation of Design Exemplar Library (Bearing, Gear, Shaft)
  • Comparative Study of CAD Input Devices
  • Survey of Fixture Design Methods
  • Case Base of Machine Elements (Connecting Rod)
  • System Architecture for Distributed CAD Query Support
  • Investigation of Commercial CAD Query Capabilities

[edit] Collaboration

  • Design of Collaborative Experiments (Communication, Decision-Making, Leadership)
  • Trend Lines for Resistance in Collaborative Design
  • Assessment of Collaborative Design Taxonomy

[edit] Sponsors

Numerous projects have been undertaken through the CEDAR Group, totaling nearly $4,500,000. This research is supported in part by the following entities:

  • Environmental America Inc.
    • 2005-2007: Trash/Recycling Truck Design (Summers, Troy, Smith, Johnston, Miller) ~$58,000
  • General Motors
    • 2006: Luggage Packing (Blouin, Summers, Fadel, Tiwari) ~$35,000
  • NASA
    • 2007-2010: Lunar Wheel (Summers, Joseph, Blouin, Anandan, Kanda) ~$1,500,000
  • NSF
    • 2006-2007: Semantics (Summers, Bettig, Anandan, Maier, Bapat) ~$50,000
  • SC Space Consortium
    • 2007-2008: Lunar Wheels (Summers, Joseph, Morkos) ~$30,000
    • 2007-2008: Graduate Fellowship (Summers, Stowe) ~$20,000
  • US Army TACOM
    • 2008: Sand-Tire Traction (Summers, Biggers, Joseph, Orr) ~$100,000
    • 2005: Packaging (Fadel, Wiecek, Summers, Tiwari, Wang, Hong) ~$250,000

For more information on the research interests of our sister labs, visit EIML or CREDO.

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