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Clemson Engineering Design Applications and Research
The design group at Clemson University
198 articles in English


Our Philosophy

Welcome to the Clemson Engineering Design Applications and Research (CEDAR) Group at Clemson University. Our research group is dedicated to exploring issues related to functional, usable and environmental design, with secondary emphasis on artistic design. We explore topics ranging from theories to tools, informatics to design education, creativity to decision making, function-based to affordance-based, collaboration to representation, optimization to manufacturing, and packaging to complexity. As a research group we are dedicated to excellence, rigor, and integrity. We actively publish the results of our work in internationally recognized journals and conferences to share our findings - we feel that it is our ethical duty and responsibility to contribute to the discipline. We work with industry to help them innovate, improve their designs, and learn relevant approaches. Our group's philosophy is to push the state of the art in design while graduating design practitioners, design researchers, and design tool developers. We realize that our main contribution in moving the field of design forward does not come from commercialization of our published research. Rather, our most important impact, our most valuable product, is our students. We strive to train our students to contribute significantly once they enter industry or academia. This training includes academic, research, and social training. We seek to create true Engineers that are capable of looking at a variety of (seemingly unsolvable) problems, extracting their core essence, devising an approach to address them, solving them, and finally, intelligibly communicating the solutions to the customers.

We welcome all opportunities for collaboration, be that with companies through sponsored project development, with federal agencies through sponsored research, with industry through internships, or with individuals through consulting. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact the lab directors:

Key Lab Metrics


  • Number of Faculty (4 current + 1 former)
  • Number of Students
    • Current Graduate (6+4+11+
    • Current Undergraduate (8+1+0
    • Number of Graduated PHD (9+1+13+
    • Number of Graduated MS (40+100+
    • Number of Advised Undergraduates (36+19
  • Disseminated Knowledge
    • Number of Patents (2+2
    • Number of Journals (76+62+
    • Number of Conferences (172+158
    • Number of Invited Talks (5+58
  • Dedicated Facilities
  • Research(funded)
    • Number of Active Projects (3+6
    • Active Funding ($425,000+$1,300,00+
    • Completed Funding ($5,795,000+$12,400,000+
    • Number of Completed Projects (40+100+
  • Year Established (2008)

March 2012 Newsletter

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Directions to the Lab

  • Wind tunnels for Elementary Schools
    • CEDE 2011 - Winter December 9, 2011 @ Clemson University - Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building
    • CEDE 2011 - Spring April 29, 2011 @ Clemson University - Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building
  • Capstone Design Events

Featured Work

CAD model of a manufacturing fixture created using Rule Based Design
CAD model of a manufacturing fixture created using Rule Based Design

Current Announcements

February 9, 2014; The first CEDAR meeting of Spring 2014 was held in Riggs 300 on Friday, Feb, 7th at 3:30 pm. This will be the weekly time and location for the meeting. The meeting commenced with the scheduling of the slots for the CEDAR students. All new Master’s students, who have started their research work have also been given slots to present a poster stating their research objectives and future work. After that, Rahul Renu presented his work titled “Ontological knowledge representation and inference rules for MTM decision support”. He spoke about knowledge management in manufacturing, globalization of manufacturing and how information management systems are helping industries. He also spoke about assembly process sheets specific to BMW. The main focus of his presentation was on MTM. He spoke about Frame, OWL and Swirl and recommended OWL over Frame and Swirl. His future work will be towards integrating ontology with existing manufacturing.

December 6, 2013; Congratulations to Mr. Rahul Renu for being named as a Teaching Fellow for Spring 2014 for ME3120

Sept 19, 2013; Past CEDE event with Windtunnels highlighted as a university/elementary collaboration success [1]

Sept 09, 2013; The weekly CEDAR meeting is in Riggs 300 on Friday afternoons from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

Sept 06, 2013; CEDAR will be assisting in the annual Habitat for Humanity Homecoming House build on Bowman from 18 - 27 Sept. Currently we are looking to try to get a big group to work on the 24th. Sign up and find more information here.

CEDAR Group in the News:

Past Announcements

Upcoming Conferences

Tools and Methods for Competitive Engineering: May 2014, Budapest Hungary

  • 5 papers (Caldwell, Lamar, Morkos, Joshi, Hannah, Sen, Mocko, Summers)

Recent Journal Contributions

  • Cairco, L., Ulinksi, A., McClendon, J., Bloodworth, T., Mathieson, J., Hodges, L., Summers, J., (2012), “Evaluation of System-Directed Multimodal Systems for Vehicle Inspection”, Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, 13 (1), doi: 10.1115/1.4023004.journal-link
  • Sen, C., Summers, J., Mocko, G., (2013), “Physics-Based Reasoning in Conceptual Design using a Formal Representation of Function Structure Graphs”, Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, 13 (1), doi:10.1115/1.4023488.journal-link
  • Reneke, J., Wiececk, ., Fadel, G., Samson, S., (2013), "Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation under Uncertainty: An Information Model Approach", International Journal of Vehicle Design, 61 (1/2/3/4), pp. 249-284. doi: 10.1504/IJVD.2013.050848. journal-link

CEDAR Linguistic Inventions

  • modifly - to revise solutions in real time during design reviews; root: modify & "on the fly" (Summers)
  • addressment - a measure of how well or how clearly a requirement has been addressed within a design solution concept (Summers and Joshi)
  • thicknai - in mold analysis when one is examining several walls that each has a different thickness, the plural form of thickness (Summers)
  • voluntold - in life, when one is "strongly encouraged" to "volunteer"; root: volunteer & told (Source: ?)
  • trumor - there are times when a rumor has sufficient truth that it is more than a rumor, but less than truth (Source: Mocko)
  • bulletize - to convert sentences into bullet points to be used in PowerPoint slides. "You need to bulletize your comments so that your slides aren't so busy." (Source: Phelan, with credit to the US Army)
  • slideology - the science of making effective PowerPoint slides. "A true master of slideology would know to bulletize those comments." (Source: Phelan, with credit to the US Army)
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