School of Computing

The M.S. in Computer Science

The Master of Science program in Computer Science prepares individuals for a Ph.D. program, research careers in industry, or advanced technical positions in industry and government. The program is designed for students who offer evidence of above average scholastic ability at the undergraduate level. During the M.S. program of study, the student will choose a concentration of study in one of six core areas and will choose courses in at least three other core areas for breadth:

  • Applications
  • Computing Foundations
  • Graphics and Visualization
  • Interactive Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems and Implementation

Completion of the M.S. program normally requires from one and one-half years to two years beyond the undergraduate degree but may require additional time for students whose undergraduate degree is in an area other than computer science. Two academic years usually are required for the completion of the M.S. degree if financial assistance is provided.


The Advisory Committee

The Director of Graduate Affairs is the advisor of all new graduate students. At the end of the first semester of study each M.S. student pursuing the thesis option should form an advisory committee.  Coursework-only student will be assigned an advisory committee from the members of the Graduate Affairs Committee.

The chair of the advisory committee serves as the student's advisor. The advisor must be a tenured or tenure track faculty member in the School of Computing. The student is also permitted to select one additional member of the advisory committee. The additional member may come from outside the School of Computing. The Director of Graduate Affairs will assign the third member.

Selection of both the advisor and the second member is by mutual consent of the student and the faculty member. A student is free to dissolve an existing advisory committee and form a new one at any time. Likewise, the advisor is free to dismiss a student. If a student is unable to find an advisor, one will be appointed by the School Director.