Welcome to the Roberts Research Group!

The Roberts Research Group focuses on developing functional polymeric materials with unique electronic and electrochemical properties for energy storage and sensor applications. Research activities are divided into two key areas: (1) tailoring the electrochemical properties of electroactive polymers and guiding their assembly into three-dimensional films with defined nanostructures, and (2) understanding how molecular structure and functionality influence electrochemical and thermal properties of polymer electrolytes.

Conducting Polymer Design & Assembly

New electroactive polymer materials and structures are developed by tailoring molecular structures and self-assembly properties. Molecular substitutions and synthesis conditions are designed to influence the polymer's electronic properties and assembly into 3-D nanostructures.

Responsive Polymer Electrolytes

Structure-properties relationships of thermally-responsive, ionic copolymers are investigated to guide the development of polymer electrolyte solutions that can actuate changes in conductivity over many orders of magnitude.

Energy Storage and Sensor Devices

Our group is interested in engineering novel electrochemical devices, from supercapacitors to chemical and bio-sensors, using redox polymer nanomaterials. Polymer structures are designed to improve ion diffusion and interfacial processes.

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Recent News
  • Jesse Kelly's paper on Responsive Polymer Electrolytes published in Advanced Materials

    Jeremy Kearns' paper on Polymer Electrode Design published in Journal of Materials Chemistry

    Welcome Kryssia Diaz and Margarita Arcila to the Group!