General Information/Guidelines for Nanny

Childcare Duties:

David (4 years old – attends morning 4K class M-F during school year):

·        General care: feeding, playing, etc.

·        Help him learn: read books, teach words and concepts, play puzzles, etc.

·        Go on walks; take to park/pool in neighborhood as appropriate for age level

·        Pick him up from pre-school M-F

·         Take him to special activities (gymnastics, etc.)

Jacklyn (10 years old – attends 5th grade at local elementary school):

·        Supervise activity after school and during the day in the summer and school holidays

·        Help with homework when necessary

·        Take/pick up from after-school activities several times per week

·        Make sure she helps with certain chores and picks up after herself

·        Take her to pool/park/etc. especially in summer

 Housekeeping Duties:

·       Light housekeeping/cleaning: keep floors in main living areas neat and clean (sweep, vacuum as necessary); keep kitchen clean and sanitary (do dishes; clean counters, stovetop, sink, etc. as necessary); other light cleaning as necessary to keep house neat and tidy.  Major house cleaning will be done on a regular basis by a professional housecleaner

·        Keep house neat – no toys left out or piles of stuff laying around

·       Grocery shopping (we will have a weekly list)

·        Do laundry (wash, dry, & fold clothes for family)

·        Prepare snacks and meals for children; cook dinner for family on Monday – Friday nights

·     Keep nanny’s bedroom/bathroom neat and clean