Information/Guidelines for BabySitter


Tuesday/Thursday: 2:30-8:30.  Pick up David from Kids Stuff Academy and take him to our house, where Jacklyn will arrive home on the bus a little before 3:00. Stay with them until 8:30 and follow duties/activities listed below.

Saturday:  3:30-8:30.  Arrive at our house at 3:30 and stay until 8:30 and follow the duties activities listed below.


Salary: We are offering $8.00/hour to care for 2 children, ages 4 and 10 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon/evening.


Taxes: We withhold FICA taxes (7.65% for Social Security and Medicare) as required by law.  We pay these taxes, plus our matching portion, to the IRS.  As a household employer, we do not withhold federal and state taxes.  We issue a W-2 wage statement in January each year and you file your taxes then.


Automobile: We will provide reimbursement for gas used to transport the children to activities. 


Specific Childcare Duties:

David (4 years old – attends morning 4K class  at Clemson Elementary and day care at Kids Stuff Academy in the afternoons):

·        Pick him up from Kids-Stuff Academy at 2:30 on Tu/Th

·        General care: feeding, playing, etc.

·        Help him learn: read books, teach words and concepts, play puzzles, etc.

·        Go on walks; take to park/pool in neighborhood as appropriate for age level

·        Give him a bath in the evening

Jacklyn (10 years old – attends 5th grade at Clemson Elementary and after school care there in the afternoons):

·        Supervise activity after school

·        Help with homework when necessary

·        Take/pick up from after-school activities as necessary (currently, gymnastics in Pendleton on Thurs. evening)

·        Make sure she helps with certain chores and picks up after herself

·        Be at home when she arrives on the bus at 2:50


·       Keep house neat – no toys left out or piles of stuff laying around

·       Clean up messes (sweep floor, wipe counters, etc. as necessary)

·        Prepare snacks and meals for children


You can see recent photos of the children here:

We have answered the following questions, so that a potential babysitter sitter can better understand our family


1)      What qualities are most important to you in the babysitter that you hire? Loving, honest, trustworthy, responsible, fun, active

2)      Could you tell me about the children's medical history, education level, current activities, and personality traits? They are both very healthy.  Jacklyn (10 years old – almost 11) enjoys school.  She is currently in fifth grade at Clemson Elementary School, and she stays in afterschool care there in the afternoons.  She plays piano and she takes gymnastics.  She is energetic, fun, silly, and sweet.  David (4 years old) attends the morning 4-K program at Clemson Elementary and then goes to Kids Stuff Academy for the afternoon.   He loves to play with toy cars, computer games, and he really enjoys playing outside. 

3)      What does your family like to do for fun? We like to go to the park, zoo etc.  We enjoy rock climbing at the local climbing gym and scuba diving (with Jacklyn – David’s not quite old enough for these activities yet).

4)      What duties will be expected of the sitter? Caring for children and transporting them to activities as necessary.  Also, light housekeeping (as necessary to clean up after kids) and preparing snacks and meals for children.

5)      What modes of discipline and parenting style do you use? Jacklyn doesn't often require discipline -- typically suspension of privileges if there is an issue.  We use time out ("crying chair") for David when necessary.

6)      Do you and your husband work outside the home? What are your occupations and work hours?  We both work at Clemson University.  Darren is a professor at Clemson and Kim is a staff member in the entrepreneurship center there.   We both work from approximately 8:00-5:00, but will occasionally have evening commitment s or out-of-town travel for a couple of days.

7)      Are there any pets in the home? No.

8)      What other household help is employed in the home? Housekeeper comes once a week to clean house.

9)      What housekeeping tasks would you need me to assist you with? Make sure the children keep their rooms and play areas neat and tidy.  Keep outdoor toys, bikes, etc. put away when finished.  Keep kitchen and main living areas clean and neat (essentially keeping things in order while you are here – cleaning up messes as they occur while you are there).  


Contact: Kim Dawson
Home: 864-654-9722 (home): 864-506-5733 (cell)

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