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Lecture Slides

Course Introduction, Overview of Design Process, Overview of Harware In the Loop (HIL) Simulations
  • Generic Design Process.
  • Course Rationale.
  • Introduction to HIL

Downloads: [ECE495_Design_Process.pptx]

Project Scheduling
  • Work Breakdown Schedule.
  • Gantt Chart.
  • Network Diagram.

Downloads: [ECE495_Project_Scheduling.pptx] [Navigating 495.doc]

Requirements Specifications and Standards
  • Specification Process.
  • Example of Requirement Specifications.
  • Importance of Standards.

Downloads: [ECE495_Requirements_Specifications.pptx]

xPC target tutorial Research
  • How to Find Information.
  • Sources of Information.
  • Competing in a Global Economy.

Downloads: [ECE495_Lecture_Research.pptx]

Concept Generation and Evaluation
  • Concept Generation Approaches.
  • Barriers to Creativity.
  • Decision Matrices.

Downloads: [ECE495_Concept_Generation.pptx]

Engineering Design and Functional Decomposition
  • What is an Electrical Design ?
  • Example of Top-Down and Bottom-Up approach.

Downloads: [ECE495_Functional_Decomposition.pptx]

image processingIntroduction to Image Processing
  • What is image processing and where you would use it this semester.
  • Basic concepts such as thresholding, morphological operations, background subtraction..

Downloads: [ECE495 Intro to Image Processing.pptx]

Environmental Concerns
  • Life Cycle Analysis Phases.
  • Life Cycle Analysis example.

Downloads: [ECE495_Environmental_Concerns.pptx]

Safety in Design
  • Safety Vocabulary.
  • Conditions in Designing for Safety.
  • Approach to managing Hazards.

Downloads: [ECE495_Safety.pptx]

Intellectual Property
  • What can be Patented.
  • Examples.
  • Trademark and Copyright..

Downloads: [ECE495_Intellectual_Property.pptx]

  • IEEE Ethical Codes.
  • NSPE Ethical Codes.
  • Discussion for Class Video.

Downloads: [ECE495_Ethics.pptx]

Individual Assignments

Individual Assignment - Personality Profile [Click to Download Personality Profile Instructions]
Individual Assignment - Respond to article at "Why Amazon Can't Make A Kindle In the USA" [Click to Download Instructions]
  Individual Assignment - Engineer 2020 [Click to Download Engineer 2020 Instructions]
CATME Banner

Individual Assignment - CATME Survey

An important goal of ECE495 is for you to function better on a technical team. Please take any feedback that you receive and use it to improve your team skills. It is human nature to blame your colleagues (that would probably be my first reaction) but that doesn't help you. In fact, you should thank your colleagues that were honest enough to give their true impression since this is the information that is useful to you. You need to critically assess your contributions, meeting behavior, etc. and decide how to work better. Common complaints:

  • Person is in the lab but is surfing the web as others were working
  • Person is late to meetings
  • Person doesn't respond to email

We will use the Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness (CATME, to evaluate group member performance. We will do this three times during the semester. You will get an automated email at the start of a survey that asks you to complete a peer evaluation. It will direct you to the CATME ( website where you will complete a survey about your team. Please complete the survey by the posted close date.

Once all surveys are completed the survey results will be released and you can go to the CATME website to see how the other group members rated your contributions and interactions with the team.




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