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Project for this semester

configure workstation

Project 1 (2 weeks ) - Configure Tools [Click to Download Project 1 Instructions]

Configure Tools by installing MATLAB/Simulink on student PCs (at least 2 group members is recommended) and test xPC configuration by executing simple programs on the Target PC. Perform the following loop-back experiments: analog out to analog in, digital out to analog in, digital out to encoder in. Also test by connecting a Tohoku motor (available in lab) encoder to encoder in. Plot the data in MATLAB (not Simulink scopes). 4 page report: Purpose, Materials and Methods (include photos and connection diagrams), Results and Discussion, Conclusion: Write as recommendation about what can be done with the xPC system.

Create a part to be cut with the laser cutter. The part should demonstrate both cutting and etching and should be contained in a 4” x 4” area.

Sample Reports: Sample Report 1, SampleReport 2

PWM Waveform

Project 2 (2 weeks) - Develop System Concepts and Design an Actuator (or Sensor) Subsystem [Click to Download Project 2 Instructions]

Capture the voice of the Customer by writing the Engineering Requirements for the final project. Generate creative solutions to the problem and use a complex (weighted) decision matrix to select the most favorable solution to pursue. Build a physical mockup of the final system to share your vision and help refine the concept. There will be an actuator (or sensor) subsystem that will be critical to the success of your project. Write Engineering Requirements for this subsystem. Build and demonstrate a working prototype of this actuator or sensor subsystem.

Provide a financial analysis that examines turning your group into a start-up company. Use the spreadsheet provided to make calculations and report your results on the MS Word template. [Click to Download Spreadsheet for Finacial Anlaysis] [Click to Download MS Word Document for Finacial Anlaysis Report]

Project 3 (2 weeks) - Design a Sensing System and Build Website
[Click to Download Project 3 Instructions]

here will be a sensor subsystem that will be critical to the success of your project. Design a Sensing System that can be used to detect the a specific quantity of interest in Project 6 and create a project website for your group. Build and demonstrate a prototype of your sensing system.  Provide an accurate accounting of the cost of the sensing system using part costs from reputable sources like Newark and Digikey catalogs, not eBay and estimated hand assembly costs. 8 page report: engineering requirements, design details, cost analysis, and prototype demonstration. Grading emphasis will be on the quality of the requirements, the level of detail in the design, and how well the design meets the requirements.

Create a website that will house all of the design reports for the semester. Free HTML editor

Sample Reports: Sample Report 1, SampleReport 2, Sample Report 3

HP Pro Webcam

Project 4 (2 weeks) - Camera as a Sensor [Click to Download Project 4 Instructions

Design and build a prototype of a camera system that can find the identity (by color) and position of colored disks on a surface. Define engineering requirements. Groups must identify and purchase a camera that will work with MATLAB image processing tools. Mount the camera above the surface. Perform experiments to determine the sensitivity of the system to lighting changes (does it meet the requirements?). Report includes engineering requirements, calculations, analysis of sensitivity to lighting changes, conclusion. Emphasis on robustness of the design to lighting changes.
[m-file to demonstrate image acquisition toolbox]

Describe a training program tailored to each team member that will ensure each team member in your startup company will maintain their current skill level and obtain new skills.

Use BEES software to provide a life cycle analyis of a heated shipping container that could be used for this system. [Click to Download MS Word Document for Life Cycle Analysis].

Project 5 (2 weeks) - Closed-loop Motor Control. [Click to Download Project 5 Instructions]

Mount the motor on a 2' square of 3/4" medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Add a pointer to the motor shaft that points to an angular scale. Follow instructions for closed-loop motor control. Demonstrate that you have achieved closed-loop control by videotaping the physical pointer and recording motor position. Design an experiment a system that requires closed-loop motor control. Perform experiments that show the effects of changing the PID gains. Report includes purpose, materials and methods, results that prove robustness to light fluctuations in the range of the requirements, conclusions.

Perform and document a Design Failure Modes Effect Analysis (DFMEA) for your project.

Project 6 (3 weeks) -  Two projects for Spring 2014



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