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HP Pro Webcam
  • HP Pro Webcam  - 640x 480 resolution [PDF]
  • Image Acquisition Toolbox included in the default toolboxes installed with MATLAB 
    • Image Acquisition Tool - type 'imaqtool' in MATLAB
    • m-file to capture video using MATLAB [m-file]
amp calib Simulink
  • Simulink User Manual [PDF]
  • Note: In case of Simulink Matlab License Error - make certain the C:\**some path and version info here**\bin\win32license.dat file uses "License4" per the new install script on the "S:"-drive.
  • Example GUI code (from Minesweeper)
host scope data Quanser Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Cards
  • Q4 Board Manual [PDF]
  • Encoder connections given on page 14.
  • 16 Pin Digital I/O Connector (Standard 16-pin ribbon cable connectors); Digikey A1DXH-1636G-ND , $5.43/unit qty 10, -> 36" Single Ended using Digikey Components: 1658621; AMP-LATCH Novo Receptacles for Ribbon Cable; AWG28-xx-x-300. (A possible alternative, is the double ended M3DDA-1636J-ND, use not verified)
  • A standard 10-pin ribbon cable connector may be used to connect to the Control header
    Digikey A1DXH-1036G-ND , 2.73/unit qty 10, -> 36" Single Ended using Digikey Components: 1658621; AMP-LATCH Novo Receptacles for Ribbon Cable; AWG28-xx-x-30
  • Q8 Board Manual (not currently installed in workstations) [PDF]



  • Note: The amplifiers are to be used with care. Use them for short periods of time, switch them off when not in use. The gains are not to be cranked up suddenly to a very high value. Increase and decrease the gains gradually. Any breakage should be reported to the TA.
  • Quanser VoltPaq-X2
    • User Manual [PDF]
    • Analog Sensor Manual [PDF]
    • Connect to the load output using a 6-pin male DIN connector (Pins 3 and 6 are not connected and pin 7 is actually the shield). Two pins (1,2) should be connected to MA (+) and two pins should be connected to MB (-). Item Number: 5611 PL from
  • Connection to voltpaq x2 6 pin din male connector

    Diagram on left shows the pin connections to the connector side of the 6-pin female DIN connector on the front of the amplfier. The right side shows the connection side view of the 6-pin male DIN connector, the pins are number counter-clockwise to match the pin numbering on the female connector when connected.

    • Note that MB can be connected to the ground but then you will lose the ability to sense current. It is not recommended to share the output of the amplifier to run one load, i.e. amplfier is not bridgable.
  • Techron 5530
  • Techron 7560
    • Manual with 7571 Current Meter[PDF]
    • Amplifier Data Sheet [PDF]
agilent dc power supply DC Power Supplies
  • Agilent 3648A Dual Output and Dual Range ( 0 to 8 V/5 A or 0 to 20 V/2.5 A)
    • Manual [PDF]
    • Agilent website for 36xx series [Website]
  • BK Precision
    • Manual [PDF]
    • BK website with manual for 165x[Website]
  • TENMA 8700






Laser Cutter Versa VLS2.30

laser cutter samples

[Click on image for higher res version]

  • Directions for using AutoCAD with laser cutter. They are fairly basic requirements, but following them will save time and material when cutting. [MS Word DOC]
  • Sample of laser cutter output (penny is for reference) is given in the image to the left.
  • This AutoCAD template [DWG] which should be used for all drawings. It was created to match the dimensions of the cutting area in the laser cutter.
vls 2.30 laser cutter Rhodes 401 Laser Cutter Laboratory - Access Policy
  • The following Authorized Users may access Rhodes 403 and supervise use of the laser cutter:
    • ECE 495 - Ran Huang, Brian Williams, Venkataraman Ganesh
    • ECE 496 - Peng Xu, Jonathan Herr
  • Up to two students may accompany the Authorized User while using the laser cutter. Stay in the vicinity of the laser cutter and do not touch other equipment in the room.
  • An Authorized User must be present at all time.
  • Under exceptional circumstances an individual may become an authorized user by:
    • Obtaining permission of instructor (Timothy Burg,
    • Contacting Mr. Scheen Thurmond ( for initial assessment of safety training. Be sure to tell him that you will only be using the laser cutter.
    • Complete laser training with Mr. Thurmond
    • Follow and enforce the lab rules inlcuding:
      "Students working in Rhodes 403 with the laser cutter must wear long pants, closed toed shoes, and safety glasses upon entering the lab. Students working in this capacity who are not registered with Clemson University’s Medical Surveillance Program and who have not completed the Research Safety Program are not allowed access to any other IBIOE facilities on the Rhodes 4th floor.
  • See for complete lab acess rules
  • Updated : 10/17/2013 (TCB)
acrylic sheets Materials
  • Acrylic/Plexiglass is the preferred material; we have tested the cutter with it and have an idea about the settings required by it. Acrylic sheets up to 6 mm can be cut. 8 mm is the specified upper limit, but we cannot be sure the laser will be able to cut through that thickness. 
  • Plastics Source: McMaster Carr [Website]
    • Page Title: Optically Clear and Colored Cast Acrylic (page link on 9/2009:
    • Prices from that date are given below
    • 6mm=0.236"
      12"x12" part # 8560K221 ($9.67) 
      12"x36" part # 8560K223 ($21.96)
    • 3mm = 0.118"
      12"x12" 8560K191 ($5.39)
    • 1.5mm = 0.06"
      12"x12" 8560K171 ($2.36)
  • Plastics Source: Hardware stores such as Lowes or Home Depot.
  • Plastics Source: Ridout Plastics
  • Cements for Plastics:

Motors and Gears

tohoku mtoro

Tohoku Motor

Pololu Hub Kit

DC Motor

Tohoku DC Motor
  • Tohoko Ricoh DC motor with optical encoder P/N: 52155301
  • Motor Specifications:
    24 vdc, 180 ma., 4600 rpm, 55 watts, no load.
    Lab test: 4000 rpm, 2.3 amps with 12 oz.-in. load applied.
    Stall torque: 70 oz.-in, 10 amps.
  • Encoder Specifications:
    2 channel quadrature
    400 counts square wave / rev., TTL compatible (with pull up resistor).
  • Dimensions:
    Body: 4-1/8" sq. x 1-3/8"L, (4) holes on 3-3/32" centers for mounting.
    Shaft: 0.237" dia. with flat x 1-1/8"L
  • Weight: 763 grams
  • Cost $25.00

Connecting to the Tohoku Motor

  • Mechanically - The shaft is a little larger than 6mm (6.02mm) however the Pololu Universal Aluminum Mounting Hub for 6mm Shaft Pair can be used. Available from, the hub is about $8 for a pair.
  • Electrically -
    • Motor:
      • Black: COM
      • Red: Positive
    • Encoder:
      • White: A/Cnt
      • Yellow: B/Dir
      • Red : +5V
      • Green: 5V COM

    Link to DC Motor Control page here

Encoder cable schematic

hobbico motor

RC Servo Motors

Modifying a Hobby RC Servo for External Closed-Loop Control


Click to see a list of sources for useful parts and components.


wiimote Wiimote as a camera
  • The Wii remote is useful for vision because it returns data at very high data rates – up to 100 Hertz (Average ~ 90 Hz).
  • Detects upto 4 sources of UV light.
  • The instructions, written by Jeff Forsyth and team during their senior design project, guide the reader through the tasks required to implement the Nintendo Wii Remote as a camera, including learning the basics of Johnny Chung Lee’s software and UDP data transmission (.NET framework C #).

Downloads: Instructions [MS Word][PDF]

cam studio Software for video editing
  • CamStudio ( is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files.
Kompozer's ScreenshotSoftware for web editing
  • KompoZer ( is a open source web site editor providing WYSIWYG web page editing / authoring.
qrcodeQR Code Reader/Writer
  • Code taken from the Matlab File Exchange uses several Java libraries to both encode/decode QR codes.  Here are the functions & example m-files to use for QR reading/writing (remember that the functions have to be in the Matlab current folder or added to the path). For this class, only the decoding of a QR code will be used.
  • The Install Guide will lead you through the installation process of the following software packages


Course Administration and Resources

workstation ECE 495 Wrap-Up Instructions
  • Clean up your work station.
  • Remove Locks from Lockers
  • Transfer your website to the class site.
  • Complete the course evaluations.
site design Website Design Guidelines
  • Which sections are required.
  • What to use for editing.
  • Content, formatting and hosting guidelines.

Link: [Complete guidelines]

student shop Sources of Services and Parts
  • How to access the Mechanical Engineering Student Shop for fabrication.
  • Details of the certification process for the ME Shop.
  • Online resources for parts.

Link: [More details]


Writing Tools

Workstation Assignments

  • One workstation assigned to each group.
  • See the Workstation assignment page for details.

Link: [Workstation Assignments page]

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