Barret Hand

  • The BH8-255 Barret Hand is a multi-fingered programmable grasper with the dexterity to secure target objects of different sizes, shapes and orientations.
  • Barret Hand communication is by the industry standard serial communications, integration with any arm is fast and simple. The BH8-255 immediately multiplies the value of any arm requiring flexible automation.
  • Barret Hand BH8-255 neatly houses a CPU, software, communications electronics, servo controllers, and all 4 brushless motors. Of its three multi-jointed fingers, two have an extra degree of freedom with 180 degree of synchronous lateral mobility supporting a large variety of grasp types.

    Below is a picture of the Barret Hand :

  • Visit the research section of our site to find out more about the present research with the Barret Hand.

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